Boeuf Bourguignon…done.

Ok so I wondered what the fuss was about with the Boeuf Bourguignon dish. It is time consuming. That is about. I think total it took me close to 5 hours. I know I added up the times and came up with just shy of 4.5 hours in the recipe. There was nothing to difficult or that needed much in the way of fancy stuff in the kitchen.  If you can make a stew you can make this just need the time.

Now for taste, this was amazing and  will blow out any beef stew I ever cook. I am not sure I can go back to my normal crockpot stew. The meat came out even more tender than my crockpot has done it in the past. It was amazing. The sauce was rich and you wanted to just mop what was left on the plate with the bread I served with it.  Which if your curious was a wheat ciabatta bread. Recipe said you could add more beef broth if you wanted to thin it out but my dear hubby and I decided against it. To give you an idea of how thick it was we served it on rimmed plates instead of bowls.

The wine I used for cooking was a La Ville de Ferme 2008 red wine. Was tasty to drink as well what was left that didn’t go into the dish. Which honestly was barely a glass.  So we served a  Red Bicyclette  Pinot Noir with it that went well. It was what we had on hand since we live in a state that you can’t get a bottle of wine on Sunday.

I know it was hit when my 10 year old didn’t leave any meat on his plate. He thanked me a few times later on for dinner saying it was really good.  I do plan on making this again, time permitting.

I am eager to see how it tastes the next day. I sent a little with my husband in his lunch box today. I have a tad left for me. There was not much left over to be honest.

Tonights challenge is cutting up a whole chicken for a dish I found on the Epicurious site. Never done that before but the video I found made it look easy so I am up for it.



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