Cutting up a chicken

Well yesterday I never got to blog but it turned out I looked at my menu wrong and was not cutting up a whole chicken for the very first time. Instead I was making a Sausage Risotto with Spring Greens (recipe on epicurious) . So I decided to make my very first Focaccia bread. Baking bread is not my thing to be honest. I some how manage to screw up even bread done in the bread machine. I love bread so this is torture.  Years ago I actually bought a sourdough starter in hopes to try to make my own sourdough bread. I managed to keep it alive and I think I made one patch of pancakes with the starter but  that was it. We put our home up for sale and so the starter went int the trash. Hey you try to keep a house show ready, take care of five kids, two furry dogs and a very cranky cat and think your going to bake bread. Actually that was what caused me to loose my love for cooking the last time. I did so much housework cooking was seriously not something I even wanted to do.

Back to my Focaccia bread. I had some the other night at Pacifico and wanted to do something like that. I did the dough in my bread machine.  I am good at making dough in the bread machine.  Who can’t screw that up.  Managed to get it into the pan and topped it with fresh garlic, olive oil and freshly grated Romano cheese.  It turned out heavenly and I have some left over and am debating eating it for a snack tonight.  Mmmmm that and some olive oil to dip it in. We served it with some sundried tomatoes in oil. Heaven. And I didn’t screw it up!

So today was the big chicken cutting day. Ok to some this must seem like a joke. You mean you can’t cut up a chicken Kitty? No I couldn’t before today.  And I have to say that it was so damn easy I will no longer buy cut up chickens again. I feel officially stupid for not having known how to do this. Now I first saw the directions in the cookbook ,”Cooking At Home with The Culinary Institute of America”.  Looked easy enough. Then I stumbled on a video at Chef Ian made it look wicked simple. I followed his directions in my kitchen on my son’s laptop this afternoon and well, for a girl who use to hate even slicing chicken breasts for stir-fry this was easy. I mean really easy. A chicken, for those who don’t know , actually has a map on it where to make the cuts! How easy is that. My 15 year old son was home and showed up in time for me to take the backbone out. We watched on his brother’s laptop , he hit pause when that part was done and I did what Chef did. Ok I broke the back bone but it did just come out. Who knew!

So tonight I made  a Roasted Paprika Chicken with sweet onion, a kale salad and some couscous. Which all turned out rather good. I felt even better when I pulled the roasting pan from the oven and looked at the golden chicken and thought to myself… I cut that up myself.  Hey they never taught that to me in Home Ec. I am thinking they should in now days. Oh wait  Home Ec from what I saw is now about paying bills and resumes. Never mind.


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