Irish cooking

So I haven’t been cooking as much as I would like. I mean I do cook. I have to cook nightly for my family but nothing has been that exciting to blog about. Our family is pretty busy with local Irish clubs and other activities so cooking got put on the back burner. I know really bad pun.

I made the typical Irish Sausage pie. Not hard. Really only takes some sausage (bulk), onion , canned tomatoes, some spices and puff pastry. Yeah easy as, well, pie. Yeah I am full of stupid puns this morning. I need to refill my coffee cup.

We also had Corned Beef and Cabbage. Is that hard to cook? No. Your boiling meat for goodness sake. Now I did hear while at a parade about a place that served Corned Beef that was tough as shoe leather. Say what? I want to know how you do that. I mean I know of recipes you can bake the dish but I have done that and it turned out wonderful. You really gotta try to screw up Corned Beef I think.

This year I tried a few different things to my boil. I put in two Guinness Extra Stouts in with the water and cut up a leeks as well. I have to say it was rather tasty. Smelled like heaven as well while it cooked that rainy day we had it.  I also made a Bailey’s Bread Pudding  recipe that I got from Epicurious. That is worth making. Was easy as can be to.

The weekend ahead is filled with activities so I don’t see any fab new cooking in my future. Sort of bums me out honestly. Though I am currently trying to figure out what to do with some scallops for dinner tonight without going to the grocery store.



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