Ok so what is the fuss about cooking Risotto? I hear a lot of things about how hard this is. I will say it is time consuming to stand over the stove but it is a labor of love that I enjoy to be honest. I really really enjoy cooking Risotto.

I don’t have time this weekend to grocery shop so my menu is on what I have in the house. Last night I found enough stuff to make focaccia bread and I had some rice for risotto, an onion, some bay scallops, cubed pancetta. Looking more I found a box of frozen spinach. Ok so this was not the grand recipe I found online but it all worked out great along with a wedge of parm I found in the fridge as well. Stopped for a nice bottle of white wine and voila we had dinner!  Was not hard, felt like nothing flat. Really the worst of it is adding  a cup of liquid at a time and stirring till it is absorbed. Easy enough just as I said before time consuming. Maybe it is time this world slowed down and cooked some good food.

If your freaking out about doing this dish don’t be. If a goof ball like me can do it you can do.

I am wishing tonight I had the grill outside as I would love to do some steaks that way. But looks like I am going to do them in the kitchen somehow. Not sure how. Which really I should be figuring out now instead of blogging. No clue what sides I am doing either. Best go look around my pantry and freezer again.

First I think a pint is in order!


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