Well for anyone who is reading this  and wondering how the beer  my hubby is brewing is going, it looks good. He did the transfer from the bucket to the big glass jug last week.  I hear  he might (not sure) be bottling this weekend. Then it sits for a few weeks. Not totally sure though as we have not really had time to talk. Read that as I have not had a chance to ask a zillion questions. LOL

I have actually been blogging but they are not posted yet as I don’t like how my Droid puts up the pics and text from my phone. So I need to upload some pics and post my latest cooking adventures.

This time I thought I would just ramble on about something I noticed. Why is it some folks don’t like it when you enjoy cooking? Maybe it is just me but I have a couple folks around me that think I am insane I would like to be in my kitchen cooking then out doing something else. Ok I love working in my garden but that even ends up going in my kitchen later.  I don’t know. I am not that bugged by it but I am one of those folks that gets disappointed if I end up not cooking a meal only to order pizza. Really that is like hell to me. Yeah weird I guess.

I really need to get some more foodie friends. Though my husband is really looking like he might start wanting to go to some events with me where food is the main event. Now if I can find some that combine food and beer I have him.

So tonight for dinner I am making a creation my dh and I thought up. Sort of inspired by lack of time to go grocery shopping and some leftover we had in the house. It started out that a few weeks ago I made this fish taco recipe I found in my new CIA book. It had a great Chipotle Pico de Gallo salsa to go with it. Well we had some chorizo in the house and some extra tortillas and the making to make more of the salsa so we decided that if we  could make some chorizo soft tacos. Well dh wanted to call them  tostadas. I folded my grilled flour tortilla he didn’t so you see where the issue lies. LOL  It really turned out nice. Was nothing hard. Just cooked up the chorizo and added some nice cubes of Chorico sausage as well. That with the fresh salsa and some shredded lettuce was all you needed. I did make some spanish rice but that was it. We had no leftovers that night.  So I am doing that again tonight. Easy enough for a Friday.


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