My “Daily Boost”.

A little over a month ago I stopped taking my vitamins in pill form. I had read a great article about….warning  don’t be eating or drinking……how you could have expensive pee.  The article struck me as well if your taking vitamins then you know about that bright color or smell.  Use to always seem odd to me that I would take something and my body would release it. I think I bought into the ” it was more than your body needed ” thinking.  As I read threw the article I began thinking about how I had two years earlier, started changing  the vitamins I took with that lovely glossy coat on them, to a more “organic” vitamin without it. So maybe the author was right. Maybe this was a stupid way to take my vitamins.

That was a challenge in my mind to find out!

Her solution was a smoothie. Did your eyebrows rise? Mine did too. But I read on. I started to think it was a pitch for the herbal mix being sold in her daughter’s store. The problem was it just made sense. I mean our lives are so far from what I think we were created for. We sit around reading information on computers, iPads and smartphones. We watch tv most likely more than we should and we don’t walk as much and most likely drive around just to sit and eat. I am not saying everyone does that but that is pretty much the way of most folks. I am guilty of a few of these myself. Who isn’t?

On that same level think about the food that is being eaten. Is it fresh and full of life?  How much prepackaged junk comes in your home?  I know it does into mine. I am making an effort to cut it back where I can and find myself actually shopping the outside aisles in my grocery store and only going down the center aisles for a few dry good and canned goods but I admit the package of chips and some chocolate and other not so “alive” foods jump in my cart.

If your eating out that is a whole other thing. We can just drop fast food places where you get your meal in a sack or greasy box or bucket. How that is food is beyond me but sometimes life finds you sitting in your car waiting for a quick meal. Big chain place. Forget it. If your lucky your meat is actually cooked on a grill or the likes but I am betting the sides are all nuked in the microwave. You know when you go to a place and it has fresh food. It’s the rare gem you love.

Before I move on I am no saintly granola eating person. I enjoy eating out now and then (just not at big chain places and I like to avoid fast food at all costs) . I do buy some things in the frozen foods section and I don’t always feed my kids organic foods.  I served Nachos for dinner last night. LOL So I am not judging . I am just at this point opening my eyes about a lot of things and trying to make small changes. The smoothie was my next step after trying to cooking fresh food more often and get more vegetables into my family.

So what is this smoothie. It’s simple. I thought it was going to be a pain in the rear in the morning to be honest. But I look forward to it each morning and even more so  than my coffee.  Oh yeah! I feel more alert, awake and the surprising thing is my waist came back after a month. Hello there waist! Thought I lost you. I am not overweight but was just not feeling it around the middle and I am feeling much better now thank you.

Ok so you want to know what this is? Well first you need to go to the Bulk Herb Store. wait before I go on let me say   I am in no way affiliated with this company nor am I saying you will get the same results I am getting.  So try at your own risk . If your not familar with herbs then I suggest you talk to a doctor to make sure this would be good for you. The site has a lot of great books to help you learn more too.

At the Bulk Herb Store they have an herbal mix called Daily Boost Herbal Smoothie.  I bought a 1/2 lb and am storing it in a great jar I got at a local store for next to nothing. Now I did also order a 1/2lb of Spirulina powder. I had been taking this for a couple years and seemed to be the only thing that works on my Winter time blues. I also feel like it is what gives me more energy.

Now here is what you do. In the morning I get up and get the blender out and put in the following:

1 cup of frozen fruit and/or berries. (in the pics below I am using pineapple, blueberries  and strawberries)

1/2 cup of yogurt (I use greek but if you make your own all the better.)

3/4 a cup of juice (I am using mango nectar )

1 tsp of the Daily Boost Herbal Smoothie mix

1 tsp of Spirulina powder

Then blend it up and drink. Now Shoshanna says you can add honey to sweeten. I can’t imagine doing this as it is just sweet enough for me.

I have had fun with the frozen fruits and berries I put in and have even mixed some coconut milk in with the mango nectar to make a more tropical drink.

My only warning would be if you have not taken Spirulina before start out with maybe a 1/4 teaspoon and work your way up to a full teaspoon or more.  When I first took this it actually made me very sleepy and I contacted the folks I was getting it from (was a pill form) and they told me to take less and then let my body adjust to it. I was taking two horse sized pills though. YUCK!

So here is a  link  for you and picks of my smoothie.  I am eagerly awaiting another order from this company of a tea and herbal brew. Will make sure to share how those work out for us.


Bulk Herb Store


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