I love cookbooks. I have two shelves in my kitchen to them and I am sure that collection will grow. I have more on various bookshelves around the house. Those I admit are usually older cookbooks that I picked up purely for their charm and wise household advice. Our local library has a table filled with books and usually I come home with one or two gently used  cookbooks when I go there.

Just recently I ordered two books.  One is for my new project I want to tackle, making my own bread. I make bread in a bread machine but honestly I think just about anyone can do that. I have had issues with even that but I really want to learn to make great bread. So I ordered The Culinary Institute of America : Artisan Breads. I am actually taking the advice in the book and not just going to skip over the first few chapters that lay the ground work to making great bread and jump into a recipe like I normally would. Nope I am actually reading and doing a little research and homework along the way. I suppose it will be a bit before I actually start out making some bread. I am hoping to work threw this entire book honestly. We shall see how that goes.  But I figure at the moment I can’t get to the CIA for classes and I have yet to see any local classes on bread making so I guess I will do my own here at home with a good book and the internet.

I started reading the book today actually and to be honest, the idea of “Baker’s Percentages” scares me a bit but I am sure in time I will get that. I already think I might have learned one of my bigger problems just from page 4 and that was on weighing is better than measuring.  I had never given any thought to humidity and other variables causing the problems I have had in baking. Makes sense why a recipe I make in winter might not work just the same way in summer. So I am already feeling armed with knowledge for success.

The other book I am reading is just for fun. I mention it as it still fits in the cooking genre. It’s Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw. I love his No Reservations show on the Travel Channel. I adore his honesty and the way he puts things in his own way. I figure you either hate this guy or love him like I do.  The other day I sat on my front lawn relaxing after dinner with the book and found myself laughing out loud as the evening walkers looked at me like I must have had something in my juice glass next to me that would cause me to laugh so hard. Nope. He writes just like he is on tv. I am enjoying it and thoughts it has me thinking in my own mind.

As for cooking around here. The heat wave we had that felt like has been here for forever and a day has me slowed down a bit. Last night I had hoped to try grilling pizza since I have seen that in nearly all the magazines and newspapers I have picked up. A heavy down pour ended that idea. The family enjoyed a nice homemade baked pizza.  I did make a pretty nice Linguine with Clams last Friday night. Which got me back to doing research on making homemade pasta. My 16 year old is totally up for helping me on that one. So maybe next week I will tackle that one. I have read enough, watched enough shows and Youtube videos I  think I am ready to tackle this. Will post how that goes.

Till next time!



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