Mac n’ Blue with Hanger Steak

We hit the farmer’s market in town again this weekend. Found some great new things there this week as well as my youngest son was rewarded for finding something the week before and turning it in. Yeah there are honest 10 year olds who when finding a good amount of cash want to do the right thing. I don’t have any pictures of this weekends finds or cooking adventures .

I got some great onions, eggplant and dill. We tried some local made ice cream and came home with a pint of  Tree hugger , which was a vanilla yogurt with granola in it. As well as a pint of Honey Vanilla. We got some beautiful and tasty grouper. So Saturday night we enjoyed grouper we did in tinfoil pouches with the fresh dill and sliced onions and lemons on the grill. I roasted some garlic and eggplant and made a nice bruschette and then did some with just tomato, garlic and onion and fresh basil and oregano from my herb garden.

Now last week we had bought some meat from a local farmer. One cut being a hanger steak. It was frozen so I defrosted it in the fridge and made a really tasty Mac n’ Blue Cheese with it. It’s simple to make. This recipe was inspired by a great place I have been to called Delaney’s Taphouse in New Haven, Ct. But it is also part of recipe I found of Chef Gordon Ramsay.

In the past I have made this with a London Broil or flank steak . But doing it with the hanger steak was amazing. I understand why the farmer or butcher keeps this cut for himself normally. There is only one per cow. It’s tender and just melts in your mouth. Worth buying if you come across it. You will pay more but it is a lean cut and tasty. Just take care to not over cook it as it is thin and cooks quickly.

Mac n’ Blue

Macaroni noodles

Chunk of blue cheese


hanger steak

Fry up your bacon till crisp and put on a paper towel plate to cool and drain off fat.  Once cool chop up into small pieces. Cook your macaroni in boiling salted water for 7 mins or untill just tender. While macaroni is still hot toss in your bacon and crumble your blue cheese in and mix untill creamy and smooth. You could add salt and pepper to taste if you like.  Season your steak with sea salt and pepper. Grill your steak to a nice medium rare and allow to rest.  Then slice into thin slices. With the hanger steak my husband grilled it for about 4 mins.

Plate your macaroni and put slices of steak on top. A nice salad and or some fresh bread goes nicely with this or it can be eaten just as is with no sides.  I use 1lb of macaroni and about 3/4 a pound chuck of blue cheese but then I am usually serving 4-5 and have leftovers for the next day.


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