Zen in the grocery store

My vacation is over. I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. Saw a lot of things and tasted some wonderful dishes. Only cooked one meal with my husband from items we got at the local farmer’s market. Other than that we didn’t cook. It was hard near the end as my body was craving food. My pots and pans seemed lonely and I missed my knives. I think it might officially be an addiction this cooking thing.

It was when I walked into my favorite grocery store ,  walked into the produce department and took a deep breath and relaxed that I knew I really might have a problem. I stood staring at a bunch of cilantro and suddenly felt relaxed. The kind of relaxed I suppose some folks get from going to the spa. A smile came over my face and I began getting my supplies.

I looked up to seen one of my favorite produce guys who smiles and asks, ” Where you been? Where are your helpers?” I usually shop with my two sons who I think are becoming food nerds like their mom. He noticed I was gone? Really? It is actually nice cause I shop at this grocery store for their always fresh and varied selection of produce. I can’t get it at the stores closer to my home.

The deli ladies smiled and laughed as I discovered they got Farmer’s Cheese in the cheese case. I had wanted it a couple weeks ago. Funny how that happens.

It continued as I walked looking at cuts of meat and and such. I became more and more happy as I said hi to the familiar faces that make many of my food adventures happen.

I wondered if I was going crazy but then I thought about how I love going to the Farmer’s Market and the feeling I get there. I really do love picking out the fresh produce and meats for the meals I prepare. I guess I really am a food nerd.  I am so happy to be back in the kitchen cooking again.


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