Cooking class

Two weeks ago I started taking a Spanish Tapas cooking class my town. It’s held at a local high school in the Home Ec. classroom. So it’s not professional or anything.  My teacher is a sweet woman from Spain. I want to say from Madrid. I have enjoyed talking with her and learning about her country. It’s been nice too that some of my favorite shows have had some Spanish cooking on them lately. From Anthony Bourdain to The Today Show, Spanish cooking is suddenly all around me.

We’ve made some simple dishes but as my teacher pointed out some things we just can’t do in a high school classroom with all the rules. Such as no alcohol. Funny thing is this past week there was a report we left wine bottles in the classroom. I only wish but then I might not be coming home as early as I do from class if we were able to sit and have a glass and eat with our fellow classmates.  The way it is we all clean up up as soon as we are done and are out the door.

The best part of this class has been just being around other people who love to cook.  There are a couple of foodies in there and I so enjoy talking with them about great places to eat, what we made over the past week, and where to shop for certain things we are looking for locally.

A couple of the dishes were very familiar to me and I was honestly shocked to see them on the menu. I had some exotic idea in my head I suppose but I happy these are dishes I could easily make again and most likely without a recipe and after talking to my teacher with some extra things to make them more special.  For example we made a Tortilla Espanola which was a potato and egg dish. I think next time I am going to take my teacher’s suggestions and add Chorizo and mushrooms which just would make the dish beautiful.

I am looking forward to next week’s dish.  I am not big on cooking desserts to be honest. I can do a few things but really it’s not my thing. Not sure why either. Anyhow we are making Spanish Churros with the hot chocolate dipping sauce. My kids seem very happy about this one. Will let you know how it goes.

Now to watch the new season of Hell’s Kitchen.



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