Easy Elegant Pizza

I love Chorizo. I really do. It’s one of those things I found out about late in life.   Yes I lived a sheltered food life. I got sort of wrapped up in Irish food and Southern cooking for a bit and Chorizo was not part of it. It was Emeril Lagasse and a soup he made that got me loving the stuff. My husband makes it and I love when he does. Took about a year of just eating it in soup for before I realized there were other ways you could use it. Again I admit to living a sheltered food life on some levels. Cooking for kids and one of them the most extreme picky eater I ever met sort of helps with the sheltering factor.

So I was flipping threw my Jacques Pepin cooking book, “More Fast Food , My Way” when I saw a pizza using chorizo. YES! I can eat it on my favorite food? I also just discovered this past year I am not allergic to Blue Cheese much like I was told most of my life.  My husband is very happy with this since he loves Blue Cheese. I find ways to cook with that more often now too.

This pizza is easy , simple and I bet you could serve it when friends came over and they would be impressed. Plus, much like Jacques suggests in his book that if you keep stuff in your freezer you could toss this together if friends just show up on your door. Assuming you have blue cheese on hand. I think you could use other cheeses with Chorizo but that’s me. I sometimes make this with Gorgonzola like I did tonight.

So here is what you need:

Blue Cheese  (a nice chuck or a package of it crumbled. I prefer the chunk as it seems creamier)

Chorizo (smoked is best)

Boboli crust (kid you not…I have made this with homemade dough though)

Now from here I add my own favorites. Such as freshly grated parm, chopped onions, chopped bell peppers , mushrooms or whatever I have on hand that looks like it would go well with this.

Preheat your oven according to the Boboli or your dough of choice directs you to.

I lightly brush my crust with olive oil, then some sprinkle some grated parm and some times rub garlic on there as well. then put your rumble your cheese on and put the rest of your topping  on , top with a sprinkle more of parm and bake according to the dough you use.

Gorgonzola ,Chorizo pizza

That simple! Jacques your amazing and I thank you for this. My kids love it and any friends who have had this love it too. So simple and so different than your usual pizza and way way less than time than ordering and way less! I am sure it has to be better for you too. But who  really cares  on a Friday or Saturday night it’s good and it goes well with a glass of wine or a cold beer.



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