Food block?

I have no inspiration to cook anything new or exciting this week. I am not sure why even either. Oh wait that is not entirely true. I did see an article in the food section in yesterday’s paper that had truffle recipes. That is worth trying. So maybe I will attempt that but it would be for purely selfish reason.

That might be the whole thing. I am feeling a bit selfish. Thanksgiving is coming and I am excited to be cooking a nice meal for my family. It’s the week leading up to that that has me looking at my neighbor who orders take out every day and thinking “could I do that?”.

See each week I write out a menu and then do my shopping. Sometimes having to hit a farmer’s market or see the fish monger for fresh stuff. I usually am thinking about what I will cook even two weeks ahead. Now a lot of the time I like to sit with a stout or a glass of wine or a good coffee and plan my menu out. Today is shopping day and I guzzled my coffee and looked at my son and said “help”. We broke out a trust old 3 ring binder that has menus and recipes in it. Thankfully a few years ago I wrote a two page list of simple easy meals my family enjoys that take very little effort or brain function for me to make. In other words I can read my zombie book while I cook. Or cook while fighting off a zombie.

I then even texted my husband and asked if he would make a great dish of his. I was so happy he got back to me fast with what appeared to be joy I asked for him to be the chef around here for a day. Ok I am assuming since who can tell in a text message feeling but I am basing it off an exclamation point. That’s enough for me right now.

Who knows maybe this whole thing should be blamed on my cable company and my 72 hours of no cooking networks to watch. Or the fact I forgot to DVR Bitchen Kitchen and she just cracks me up and help me not take myself so seriously. I had Julia Child and Roger Mooking withdrawls? What will my obedient ingredient be??? Maybe I missed Chuck Hughes and his tattoos and the dishes he make look to damn easy to make and make me want to move to Canada just to try. I know a vacation would be better but I tend to be extreme when I am in one of these funks. Maybe I am just pissed off Sabrina is still on Hell’s Kitchen.

Anyhow I am glad I take care of myself by having things set up so I can take a break and just cook some good old crappy comfort foods we all love. I am sure by next Friday I’ll be be back on track and excited to do my Thanksgiving menu. That or I will be like 15 pounds heavier as the more I think about it, I am going to try my hand at making truffles.



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