Dinner’s ruined

So I haven’t cooked so far during my food block. Friday night my husband took me to one of my most favorite places to eat for dinner. My taste buds are still in heaven. I did cook pancakes Sunday morning I guess that counts right? So I have cooked.

Last night while my football game was staring I went up and started to get dinner ready. Nothing fancy. Meatloaf , champ (mashed potatoes….I just like how the English say it better) and green beans. My husband came in and helped season the meatloaf and mix it and shape it and put it in the dish for me. Into the oven it went . I went back to watching tv and he was busy I think dealing with the weekend long work issues he was having. Back into the kitchen we came together , him peeling potatoes me dicing them and putting them in the hot water. You could smell the faint smell of meat cooking. Or was that my imagination?

The sides were nearly done and it was time to pull the meatloaf to let it rest a bit. As I opened the oven and reached in I knew I was…well…screwed. The oven was luke warm. Our meatloaf was not brown and pretty but sort of weird looking. The oven turned off. Well at this time the lights at Giants Cowboys game turned off. My son had came in and suggested they were connected. So we heated the oven up thinking we would just try to finish the cooking. I decided I would stay in the kitchen as it seemed odd the oven just went off. I was going to watch it.

Not only did the lights go off at that game down in New Jersey but then the camera’s went down and the reporter was telling us there was smoke from a transformer. I looked at my sons and said “figures my Cowboys are finally winning”. The game came back on and we were happily watching as we sat at the kitchen island when we heard an odd noise from the oven. A loud crack then a pop. Then the hissing sound of grease hitting the hot metal floor of the oven. I looked over just in time to see the flame start up in my electric oven.

No clue as to why but the Pyrex dish just cracked. All we could do as laugh. At this point it felt like a very odd night. So on the phone we got with my youngest daughter who works at a very popular sports bar. The wait was long but she could sneak us in. They don’t do reservations but she could get them for us. Thankfully they did get us in and we got quick service and great food. Manager came out to meet us even. Was great to watch the last quarter of the game in a loud sports bar with hot wings. I am sorry my youngest son’s team lost but he was having fun talking smack to his mom who is a life long Dallas fan.

So maybe dinner wasn’t really ruined, just the food I tried to cook was.

Today I get the joy of cleaning my oven. Yeah…wonder how much to pay a kid to do that? I feel an oven cleaning block coming on.



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