Thankgiving Final Menu

Toss out my well planned menu of two weeks ago. I blame it on that cute tattooed Canadian chef.

There I am eating my dinner with my two youngest boys as we watch Chuck Hughes cook “The Legendary Turducken” . I admit I am curious about this thing but why are the men in my family almost in love with the idea of 3 poultry birds stuffed in one another?

It wasn’t the idea of a bird massacre that got me to change my menu. No, I am not brave enough and honestly at this point don’t know a butcher I trust to debone a bunch of birds for me and I am not sure I can do it. Ok I could it is the want to do it that has me. I’ll try it one day but not this year.

No it was watching Chuck make cornbread. Why it looked so tasty is beyond me. So I tossed my stuffing idea out the window. I liked the oyster stuffing Chuck did for this but instead of a regular sausage my brain is screaming Chorizo ! I tossed the sweet potato idea as well. I was going to do the root vegetable dish he did but figure I am going to save it for Christmas. Nope I found an easy roasted potato recipe with cheese and bacon. My family loves bacon. Heck my husband’s family crest has a pig on it. Our family motto “everything tastes better with bacon”.

So here is the new updated menu for Thanksgiving:

Malt-Beer-Brinned Turkey w/Malt Glaze
Mixed Mushroom & Tarragon Gravy (canned , ewww, for my picky eaters)
Cornbread Oyster Chorizo dressing
Iron-Skillet Succotash
Roasted Potatoes w/Bacon, Cheese and Parsley
Cranberry Salsa w/Cilantro and Chilies (canned again for my picky eaters)
Pumpkin Pie w/ Pepita, Nut and Ginger topping
Ginger Whipped Cream

All of the above recipes an be found at Epicurious except for the cornbread dressing. I am making it up based on a couple of different ones I have seen online.

Now I really should go turn Cooking Channel off so I don’t get any other ideas.

*gobble gobble*


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