A drunk turkey is a tasty turkey

Thanksgiving turned out to be better than expected. In a lot more ways than just the food. But since this is my cooking blog I will spare you the side of family drama.

So in a previous post I mentioned I was making a Malt -Beer Brined Turkey with Malt Glaze. I had found the recipe in the November issue of Bon Appetit magazine but it can be found on Epicurious (click on link above). The picture is what caught my attention. A turkey with a beautiful red glaze. I was drooling and challenged all at first sight. Could I make a turkey that looked like that? Would it taste good after soaking in stout ? Did turkey even go with stout? Wait of course it does. Stout is so tasty. It’s so….wait not a stout blog.

I had bought everything and was ready to cook up a feast for my family when my Marine son called and said he couldn’t make it home. Instant heartbreak just add stomp to complete killing I thought. Why was I doing this big dinner? Dang it I wanted to make a turkey breast and watch football and relax not cook a huge meal my brain screamed. The food block took over my thoughts of cooking that beautiful turkey. I was nearly ready to toss in the towel till I looked at my husband , two boys and my daughter (well when she is actually home). My older daughter said she was still coming and that was a shock enough to the system to get me back into the game. Besides I was cooking with stout. I love any chance to cook with stout that I haven’t before.

I am really glad I did. First the recipe was really easy, two the turkey was the most beautiful turkey I have ever cooked in my life (pictures do it no justice) and lastly it was hands down best tasting turkey I ever eaten. It was moist, you could taste the herbs and well my family , even my pickiest eaters all said it was awesome. Getting the bird drunk was a great idea. Heck my mom use to do that when we would go fishing. She couldn’t stand the idea that the fish on the stringer were suffering so out came the bottle of wine and down it went into the trouts mouths. Still some of the best fish I have eaten I caught. I know who bring a bottle of wine fishing.

Oh I did have an issue with my menu. I was unable to get oysters. Yeah in New England who would have ever thought that getting oysters for a cornbread dressing would be hard. As I stood in Whole Foods in a panic mode I had sense enough to call my husband (yay for phone a friend!) and he suggested shrimp. Doh! So I ended up putting Pink Key West Shrimp in the dressing. Brilliant I said! Ok I could find Oysters but I didn’t like the price and I didn’t want to learn to shuck oysters or make my husband shuck them. I blame Iron Chef Michael Symon for any shortcuts I took this Thanksgiving. He said they were ok. Well not directly to me but on one of those holiday shows that kept me in a trance.

The Mushroom Gravy was heavenly and again my picky picky eater and kids who are not fond of mushrooms ate it. Dinner was a hit! Even as leftovers it was awesome and still moist and flavorful. I am shocked nothing is left. That really says it all. It’s gone. Nothing left to eat later or mix into something later. Nope all gone. I might make that cranberry salsa for something else. Just not fully sure what yet. I could have eaten with chips as weird as that sounds.

I am posting some pics of my table all decorated. Really only so I can show off the great menu my awesome hubby printed out for me. So sweet that man is.

So that’s it for this time.



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