A sharp knife teaches many lessons

I had hoped to put up my Christmas menu and pictures but we had a lot of events happen in our home that the menu changed to good old comfort food that our family needed after the loss of my husband’s father passed away. I’ve written before how he was a wonderful teacher to me in cooking and a wonderful cook himself. We are all really sad at this loss.

On Christmas eve I made a stupid mistake. One that is still honestly leaving me shaking and a bit scared. I use to find comfort in doing the prep work for meal. It was my relaxing thing to do at the end of a day. Chopping vegetables and herbs melted away stress.

I had spent the day in the kitchen. I baked cookies and a red velvet cake, made a glaze for my ham and shredded brussel spouts. I had all of my prep work done. I took a break to enjoy some time with my family and then went back to the kitchen to prep for dinner that night. I had gotten some herbs chopped and was just making the last cuts to some green onions when I cut a nice chunk off my finger tip. As my husband the doctors at the ER said it was good I keep my knives sharp. I felt nothing untill I saw the blood and went to rinse it off. Then I went into shock. I am normally not this shaken but this was bad. I am thankful my son received wonderful training in the Marines and took charged till his dad got in the room and took me to the ER so they could stop the bleeding for me. He even finished some prep work so when we got home the guys cooked up dinner.

I am currently typing painfully slow as my finger is banged and looks like a rocket of some sort. I also have developed a slight fear of my kitchen. Which is not like me at all. I know I will get over this and will be way more careful. What I did was stupid with my guide hand. Very stupid and highly preventable.

The funny part in all of this? I was in the hospital making jokes that I hoped there was nothing sharp under the tree. Oh there was. A 6″ cleaver. HA! Family debated removing it not to freak me out. Part of me is scared of it honestly. But then part of me looks forward to using it one day. Right now I am limited in the kitchen as I can’t get my hand wet and the bandage is cumbersome.

I do plan to use the new food processor I got in the mean time. Looking forward to it actually. My new safety chopper. Well as soon as I watch the dvd and read the books that came with it to make sure I safely operate it. Oh yeah I am going to even though I have had one before but it has been years.

This whole thing has sort of opened my eyes to things. One slow the hell down. I was rushing. I admit it. Two is to live in the moment and enjoy it. I was rushing and thinking of all I needed to get done and all I wanted to get done and what I hoped to get done. Had I just focused on the task I was doing I would not have cut myself. And lastly I am pretty blessed to have the family I do have. My guys pitched in and helped and took care of me. I know others who are not so lucky. So to my family, thank you and I love you and you inspire me daily.

I am going to leave you with the following website as there is some great info as well as videos on knife skills. Yeah you bet I am watching and learning and am going to not make the same mistake again.

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