Snow tires needed

My finger is on the mend. I’ll leave out the gross details as you may be eating or sipping on something while reading this. I am thinking at least in another week I might , just might, be bandage free. We shall see. For now I am down to what I jokingly call a bikini bandage. In other words a band aid over non stick gauze. It’s healing and that is good.

I did take some time to set some goals for myself and I am quite happy to be honest. One being working through the Chef Burton site I posted last time. The other I just jumped into and I am rather excited. I joined the online cooking club of “French Friday’s with Dorie”. So I am going to cook along with the group in her latest book “Around My French Table” by Dorie Greenspan. See last fall I saw an article in my local paper that she was doing a book signing and Q&A at a bookstore not to far from my home. I was so excited until I saw the night and time. My youngest son is a Marine Cadet and well it fell on his drill nights. Same time too. No way I could be in two places at once and well with hubby working in the city and my only teen driver working that night I was totally out of luck. Comes with being a mom. I put her book on my wish list and have been dreaming of it since.

Last Saturday night I found her cooking club and signed up. Sunday morning I went out and happily bought the book along with a journal for me to write my menus and notes in. I spent the rest of that afternoon with a cup of tea and that beautiful cookbook. Later on in the week I happily went about planning my menu. I joined the club late so I plan to make a few of the dishes I missed. Instead of one dish this week I am doing two.

Thing is here in the Northeast they are talking snow. Of course I planned my grocery trip on the day it’s suppose to start and well looks like that might have to change. I hate food shopping in the snow. I just do. I hate shopping the day before a storm even more but I am not seeing away around this even though our local weathermen can’t agree how much we might get. I hate pushing a grocery cart through the snow. Why don’t grocery carts (or carriages as they call them here but I have not picked up in my 17 years living here) have snow tires? Can’t someone invent a better wheel for the northern climates shopping cart needs? Really how hard could it be? I wish I lived someplace I could just walk daily to shop with my basket in hand. I remember my maternal grandmother telling me about this from when she lived in France. It sounds heavenly. My reality is I am going to go shop with the milk and bread hoarders today. Fun fun!


After posting this my Marine son sent me the following picture he found online. This might just work for snowy days.


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