Roast Chicken For Les Parresseux

I joined the online cooking club, “French Friday’s With Dorie”. I picked up the book a couple weekends ago and spent a lazy Sunday afternoon looking at all the delicious looking recipes and reading it like I would a book. While the recipe I cooked last night was for November’s club recipes I wanted to make it first before I jumped in with the group. You always hear you should try the roast chicken recipe in a book first as you can tell a lot about the chef/person.

Based on this recipe, Dorie Greenspan you an angel and I died and went to heaven in your cookbook.

Ok a bit over the top for a roast chicken your thinking? Nope. The skin was crispy, the meat juice and full of flavor. The bread bed under the roasting chicken was a sinfully delicious treat. I am glad I used three pieces of baguette under mine to share but we ended up at the pot after the chicken was removed dipping more of the baguette pieces into the roast drippings. I used a Parmesan and Garlic Baguette I got at Trader Joe’s.

I admit I made one mistake but it was fine. I accidentally put the shallots inside the chicken with the garlic and herbs but it was still amazing. I had some extra shallots that I put with the vegetables. I also did my vegetables in a separate dish as there just wasn’t enough room in my dutch oven. I followed her directions of how to coat them in oil and put them in an oiled casserole at the same time mentioned in the recipe you would toss them the dutch oven . They were tasty but betting they would have been even better in the pan with the chicken.

My husband had the brilliant idea of taking the garlic and mashing it to put on extra pieces of baguette. Yum!

Part of being in the cooking club is you can’t post the recipe. Sorry. Looking at the other recipes I am happy I bought this book. I am at this point saying it was worth ever single penny spent on it.

Till next time.


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