Gnocchi a la Parisienne (Ffwd)

Ok so my first time cooking in time with the online cooking club, French Fridays with Dorie.

I was really excited and nervous about this recipe. I have never made my own gnocchi before. Only eaten it once before and well if you know my history with dumplings (think heavy flour rocks) you would get why I got worried.

There is a suggestion on how to make the gnocchi dough lighter by beating the whites of the last egg you add to the dough. I did that. I also took the advice of allowing the dough to rest for two hours. My gnocchi turned out really light. Shaping it with the spoon and dropping into water was a challenge at first as the dough was sticky but of course near the end I had a method going and was getting what I thought were really cute gnocchi. I did have a few big ugly ones in there but I can see the more you do this recipe the better it will get at making the gnocchi.

My only issues I had was with the Bechamel sauce. I make this sauce a lot as it is the base for my cheese sauce in my Mac n Cheese. This one came out very thick. I actually ended up adding more butter to the roux part as it just wasn’t looking like I thought it should and wanted to add more but got worried and decided not to. It was still very tasty just very thick. It might have been me so I am going to actually follow her recipe again another day for the Bechamel and see what happens.

Also next time I make this I am going to use my extra deep pie dish. I used my pyrex deep dish pie pan and had butter over spill in the oven. My fault. Just warning anyone else trying this for the first time.

Oh for the cheese I used both Parm and Gruyere as I am using Gruyere for a quiche later this week. So made sense to use it in this.

Over all this was a creamy and wonderful dish that I can see why the French eat it as comfort food and why Dorie suggests it needs nothing to go along with it and is best eaten in winter.

My picture is not pretty as I would have broiled it a bit to give it more crispy bits but was worried about the butter dripping and smoking the house up. So no awards for me for making this one pretty. Maybe my redo of this will be.


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  1. Welcome aboard! Judging from the P’s & Q’s for this recipe, I think a few of us had some struggles. But it sounds like all worked out in the end and you had a great dish to show for it. I know this was gobbled up in my house!

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