Michel Rostang’s Double Chocolate Mousse Cake (Ffwd)

This week’s Ffwd recipe was Michel Rostang’s Double Chocolate Mousse Cake. I worried looking at this one. I had never whipped egg whites or made a mousse before. This recipe , as easy as it turned out to be, also turned out to be a challenge to my own limitations. Of course the ones I set on myself. That is a whole other post in it’s self. One I wont post.

Dorie gives 4 different ways to serve this recipe. I choose the serve it warm with a side of homemade whipped cream option. My boys did later eat it chilled. They are tied on thoughts. One liked it better warm while the younger one said he loved it chilled. The plate it was on was in the sink cleaned of crumbs if that says anything.

I admit when I got to the part in the recipe that said to not use the bottom of my springform pan I said “what? Dorie are you kidding? How will it stay in there with only parchment paper? ” As if she could hear me and better yet would show up to help me. I pressed on. I made the mouse. Poured the first bit into the pan put the remaining mousse in the fridge and checked my cookie sheet for leaks that were not there and then put it in the oven and waited. The timer went off and I returned to find a nicely baked bottom layer. Huh I thought to myself. It worked. Who knew.

Now I have to back up and say when it came to beating the eggs till firm but still glossy I had no idea what that meant. I asked this out loud enough that my hubby came in and we both looked at the egg whites and his suggestion was to get the peaks out of them but don’t go so far they go “matte” as egg whites do. Good point and I went with it. The next issue I had with the egg whites was the folding them in part. They weren’t playing nice in my mind and I guess I expected them to just magically mix in but I could still see them. To me it looked like rocky road ice cream without the nuts and just the marshmallows poking out. I left it as to it made sense not to mix much more or the whole reason for whipping the egg whites was going to be ruined by over mixing them.

Anyhow after the first baking part, I let that cool as I made our dinner for the evening. Spicy Black Beans with Chorizo tacos. I love chocolate after Mexican food. Heck I love chocolate after anything spicy and to be honest I love chocolate with a bit of spice in it. I love chocolate. I am actually debating adding a little spice to this recipe for a twist. I wonder if using an already spiced chocolate bar would be good.

After dinner I poured the chilled mousse into the chilled bottom and baked. Whipped up some cream and after the cooling and setting my cake free from the pan it was time to taste it. Looking at this cake I assumed it was going to be heavy and maybe to sweet for my liking. I was very wrong and shocked at how light it was. I am sure if I had had the 8″ pan instead of the 9″ I might have had a taller cake but this turned out heavenly. My family felt it was like a very light brownie. I have to agree and the fact it wasn’t overly sweet makes my taste buds say it was like a very light brownie with wings. I could have had a second piece honestly and that is not like me.

So there you have it. I have pictures below. Not sure where some of my pictures went as I took more but they were not on my camera when I downloaded them. Ah yes and there is a picture of “Gremlin Finger” in there too. Earlier that day my hubby found me the protective covers when we were out. Bought a box and have to report they work wonderfully. Though my friends are making some funny jokes. My finger is on the mend though.

Till next time , Slainte!


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