Chicken B’stilla (FFWD)

Chicken B’stilla. What can I say about you? You were odd and challenged me. I am thankful I have watched enough shows on how to use phyllo dough. It saved me. I am grateful that my 16 year old son decided to be my sous chef. I would have been lost without him and we had a great time laughing in the kitchen and drooling over the smells and how odd this recipe was to us.

Dorie says a B’stilla is Moroccan. I believe it as it smelled like I would imagine Moroccan food to smell. I have never had any so not totally sure.

I don’t know what to think though. This was delicious and odd all at once. My husband said it needed vegetables. I agree. My boys ate it but did said it was “different”. The one person who went nuts and I mean nuts for it was our cat, Jericho. Understand our cat is 16 years old and never comes over to beg while we are eating dinner. Not only did he beg (and he had ate) he tried to climb into my lap, reached out with his front paw and whacked my hand as I tried to eat. We ended up giving him some just to get him to leave us alone. He had been in the kitchen the whole time I cooked dinner too. Him and our dog waiting for anything to drop on the floor.

I just don’t know how to describe this. Part of me thinks with the phyllo dough and the cinnamon it was nearly dessert like. But then the chicken and other spices make you think dinner. It might just be I have never had anything like it so am not sure what to think. I did like it. I would make it again but can’t put my finger on what it is I would change about this. I might look at other recipes to decide if what I am thinking would be right. It just might need to be with other dishes is the thing. Dorie does mention it is served as a course so maybe something else would compliment it more. I see a Moroccan night in my family’s future.


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