Basque Potato Tortilla (Ffwd)

So this week’s French Friday With Dorie was Basque Potato Tortilla. I saw this and was excited as I had taken a class this past fall on tapas. The teacher was a wonderful woman from Spain (I believe Madrid) who was teaching via our town’s Night Owl’s program. It was a great class. Reading over Dorie’s recipe the technique was different than I learned and I was eager to try. How was it different? Well Dorie has you finish the tortilla in the oven. My teacher had us flip this. Something I admit I was afraid to do and had some help with in class. Hey I am being honest here. I’ve made it once since the class at home and did flip it myself. Tonight there was no flipping….well till the end and I am thankful my hubby was home due to an ice storm so he flipped the tortilla out of my cast iron skillet on to a serving tray for me. I am still having some issues with my hand.

This dish was also different in the fact that the potatoes were not cut into thin slices like I the recipe my teacher taught us. Also the rosemary sprig was different but a very good addition.

I took some liberties by adding fresh chorizo to it. Something that was suggested by my tapas teacher that I never did try till tonight. Very good thing to add I must say. I also decided to use some different colored potatoes in mine. I had found a bag of red,yellow and purple potatoes at the store and I thought this would give it some color. I served this with another tapas I learned in class called Espinacas a la Catalana which is spinach, pine nuts, toasted bread and golden raisins. Easy and quick to make and really a great fresh way to serve spinach I think.

Everyone loved it. We also had company that night. A 19 year old Marine who joined us and he enjoyed dinner too. My daughter and I saw he wanted seconds but was being to polite to take seconds. So I guess it was a hit.


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