Pancetta Green Beans (FFWD)

So this week’s French Friday with Dorie was Pancetta Green Beans. Super easy side dish.

My only issue was that in my area there are no fresh green beans. So I had to do mine totally different than the recipe as I had to use frozen green beans. I have to say both Trader Joes and Whole Foods have excellent frozen green beans for this.

If your doing this recipe and are going to use frozen green beans you can blanch them or cheat like I did and use the microwave to defrost them a bit. Then follow the recipe as it goes from there. Rules of being in the cooking club state I can’t share that but it’s pretty easy.

If you don’t eat pork I am sure a turkey or beef bacon would work just as nicely.

I served this dish along with some lovely thick pork chops that I lightly seasoned with sea salt and pepper and cooked to medium in a skillet.


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  1. We loved the dish in our house (and Nana’s) as well. I had not thought of the Trader Joe frozen ones…I have never had a positive experience with frozen green beans. I was even hesitant to try the Haricots Vert package from Costco…but this recipe seems so amazing and so forgiving that I will not hesitate to try either when I remake this the many times I plan on in the future 🙂

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