Short Ribs in Red Wine & Port (Ffwd)

I’ve been dying to have short ribs for months. I think it started when hubby took me out to dinner at one of our favorite places here in town and I knew I was going to order short ribs when the waitress killed that thought when she said that the short ribs were off the menu. My little heart was broken. We went back weeks later and my craving for salmon beat out the short ribs but hubby ordered them and shared with me. Mmmm and there I was again wanting my own.

So when I saw we were doing short ribs for a French Friday with Dorie I was so excited.

This recipe was very easy. I really had no problem with it. The big thing is time. But this is where I channel in my inner Nigella Lawson with her “who can complain when a dish cooks in the oven for 3 hours and needs very little attention from me?” I was able to do other things like drink tea and read a book while the ribs braised in the oven and made my home smell lovely.

Now the only problem I did run into was finding the short ribs. I wonder if anyone else had this problem. Our local grocery store carries some nasty looking ribs. I’ll pass. So I was hoping Whole Foods was going to have some quality ones but the week before we were to do this (actually 2 or 3 weeks before) I was looking and not seeing them in the store. I was thinking we were going to have to make one of our trips out to butcher shop about 25 mins from us but happily I saw short ribs in the meat case when I went to do my normal shopping the Friday before I made these. What I didn’t know , for the sign said nothing and I didn’t think to ask the butcher as he wrapped them up , was they were boneless. I found this out after I got home and went to put them away. I never bought them before and was in a rush with a very ill son at home so I plead insanity for not knowing. Well that or stupidity. Lack of sleep?

I mention this as I wanted others to know that you can use boneless short ribs and have them turn out wonderfully. I also must confess I didn’t buy the 9lbs called for in the recipe. It would have been to much for our family but I did use the same amount for everything else so that we had more sauce but to be honest it seemed to be just the right amount for my nearly 3 lbs of boneless ribs that I cut into 6 pieces.

I served the ribs on top of mash with the sauce and a side green beans. Oh and for the wine I used La Vielle Ferme Red which is a blend of the following Grenache 50%, Syrah 20%, Carignan 15% and 15% Cinsault. It’s one of my favorite wines under $10 and I think it works well for anything your going to braise. It usually scores an 87 if your into that kind of thing so really it’s a great little deal. The Port I used was Fairbanks. I know some people hate it others enjoy it. It’s the first one I ever tried. Just letting you know what I used. I’ve actually used this port in other dishes and it always turns out really well.

I can’t wait to see how other cooks ribs turned out. You can look too by clicking the link in the sidebar of this page.

Till next time!


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  1. Wasn’t this good? Restaurant cooking at home! I went to the movies while my ribs braised in the oven. Though I left my husband in charge of taking them out of the oven.

  2. So glad you enjoyed these – Nana and I loved them too. I was chuckling when I read your comment about drinking tea and reading. This is exactly what I would have been doing in between steps if I had not been carpooling kids 🙂 It was a nice surprise that there was truly a lot of downtime between all the prep steps- I had been scared about this one and thought it would be a payback week after the easy beans last week. Wonderful !

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