Honey sweet honey.

This weekend I am very excited as my hubby and I will be picking up our order of honey from a local apiary. We put in an order for 6 lbs of honey. I know crazy amount I suppose for some folks but I was actually wondering it will be enough till the next “honey run” this guy makes. During the warmer months we are able to buy his honey at the farmer’s market but during the winter it’s make it last and wait till he has a delivery here in town.

So what am I doing with all this yummy bee goodness? Well I admit most of it is going to my brewmaster hubby. He will be making mead with it. We have a couple bottles from a batch he made last fall. I can’t wait till it is ready to drink. Not familiar with Mead? It’s the drink of all good Vikings! A yummy wine made from fermented honey and sometimes fruits mixed in for added flavors. It takes a good long time to age and all so the bottles we made last fall wont be ready till the end of this year. I admit I like to look at them and smack my licks thinking about how sweet it will be to sip it.

The rest of the honey will be used in my kitchen. Baking, cooking and for medicine. Yes I just typed that. Medicine. Honey is amazing stuff. It can’t be man made. Yeah you can process the heck out of it I suppose and make it rather bland (think the junk in the grocery store mass produced) but really we can’t make honey. It’s just one of those wonders that God makes.

In the kitchen I use honey nearly daily in my tea and on toast. Easy one right? You can use it as a glaze on meat and put it in sauces. A recipe I saw the other night I am dying to try was on the show Extra Virgin where they put chili pepper flakes in honey and dipped riggiano cheese in it. I am sold. Must try.

As a medicine I use it for coughs , burns, cuts and allergies. I kid you not. I am betting you knew the cough stuff. I mean they make all kinds of products for coughs that are honey flavored. It’s not just for the taste. But for burns? I recently burnt my hand good. I was making a dish and put my steel stock pot in the oven to braise something for a few hours. Once I pulled it and put it on the stove top my mind was not thinking it had been in the oven for 3 hours and so I went and grabbed hold of the metal handles. OUCH! I grabbed the honey jar off the counter and slathered my fast raising welt in the honey. I left the honey on my hand as I finished up dinner and even when I served and we ate. The welt went down. It never got that ugly red look and it never peeled or anything else. the next day you could only see the faintest shine to my skin where I had burned the skin.

You can also use honey on cuts. Something I wish I had remembered when I cut my finger back in December. I am sure the healing would have gone better as honey is known to help build cells and heal faster. It also had antibacterial properties so it helps keep infection at bay.

Honey can be used for stress, acne , hair conditioner , eye issues, fatigue and many other things. One other we like it for is allergies. My oldest son swears by local honey for helping his hayfever. I hope this year he is able to find some local raw honey near him since he is living in a new state.

It’s really amazing to think what those little bees do. I learned some of what I know about honey from my mom and grandma. The rest has come from either doctors or books. One of my favorite books that has information on honey and other wonderful herbs and how they work to help you is “Herbal Antibiotics” by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Don’t take my advice though without out checking with your own doctor first. I am just a housewife and mom and I am just sharing my experiences with you. But I do urge you to check out herbs and especially honey not only for food and flavoring but for some extra help in your medicine cabinet. Try some raw honey and taste the difference between it and that stuff you get in the grocery store. It’s worth the price.


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