A Bon Appetit dessert

I am very fond of my Bon Appetit supscription and look forward to it’s arrival in my mailbox. Each month there are new recipes to try and well it makes menu planning that much easier for me.

The March 2011 issue that just arrived caught my attention with an article on Paris as well a French Bistro-inspired menu. The pictures did me in and I decided to make the entire menu. It started out with a Mushroom Croque-Monsieur (the French dreamy version of a ham cheese) and then Mixed Greens with a Mustard Dressing. I am telling you the sandwich was worth breaking any diet. I wouldn’t eat it all the time but as a treat now and then it fits the bill.

For dessert it had listed “Roasted Pears with Blackberries , Ricotta and Lavender Sugar”. I thought why not. I love to do a dessert once or even twice during the week if possible. I am happy to be honest with a small bit of dark chocolate at night over most desserts.

I had to change this up a little One while ricotta sounded nice I found an all natural vanilla frozen yogurt that sounded better to me. So dropped that. The recipe also called for 1 tablespoon of dried lavendar blossoms. Somehow I wrote that wrong on my shopping list and when I got to the store I ended up buying fresh lavendar in the herb section. Oooppss. So I just dropped the idea of lavender sugar. I am guessing this would have given it a lovely added flavor but for those of you unable to find this, have no fear it works without it. What I did do was since you were suppose to put the lavender blossoms in the food processor along with the sugar (which can be stored for a month I believe) I decided to use caster sugar in it’s place.

I am craving fresh berries at the moment (along with a tomato from the yard) but since it is the end of winter no local good stuff can be found. While this used frozen blackberries it got me through my craving and I didn’t feel at all guilty with this dessert. If I was suppose to don’t tell me. I enjoyed every last bite and admit I woofed mine down which I really shouldn’t have. So much for savoring it. Ok I did but quickly. Very quickly.

Thanks to my hubby for the beautiful pictures below. I was to busy scarfing down. Ok not true my pictures were not as pretty as his.


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