Savory Cheese and Chive Bread (Ffwd)

Mmmm bread. I love love love bread. It’s one of those foods that I know if I am not careful I will eat way to much of. I think that might be one reason that one of my goals of cooking my way through the CIA Artisan Bread cookbook has not totally happened.

That being said I was smart when this recipe showed up on our list for French Friday with Dorie. I paired it with a soup. I could then afford myself a bigger slice, thus feeling even more satisfied in my mind. It worked. I do like the idea she suggested of cutting the bread into strips and I can imagine toasting them to have a dip for them.

This bread was easy to make. Made the house smell of cheesy goodness and begged for a glass of wine to go with it. It wasn’t hard to make at all. I debated tossing it in my bread machine to be honest but decided against it.

I choose to use Guyere cheese as I needed it for a few other dishes I was making, one being the Leek and Potato Soup that I served with this that is also in “Around My French Table” . Wonderful soup. Was perfect for a meatless Monday dish and a rainy and cold one at that. I also used cheddar for the cubed cheese.

I toasted a leftover slice of bread the next day and enjoyed it with an egg. It was even better the second day. No I didn’t eat the whole loaf alone. The family loved it and I thought I’d let Jericho (the cat) try some and he gave his meow of approval.

Till next time!


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  1. Cool way to share your photos – wonderful ! Had not thought about adding the egg and that sounds perfect. Nana and I enjoyed the ease of this week’s recipe. Worth it for the aroma alone 🙂 Next weeks will probably not be nearly as easy but we are looking forward to trying a recipe we would not have without FFWD….

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