Garlicky Crumb Coated Broccoli (FFWD)

I am a little late posting last week’s cooking project with French Fridays with Dorie. We cooked garlicky crumb coated broccoli. It was a great and easy side dish. You needed very little, steamed the broccoli in bamboo steamers and finished it off in a pan very quickly. Think this took me all of 15 minutes total to make and that was even the prep time. I did get my water boiling for the steamer while I was doing the other prep work. I really felt that this side dish could lend itself to most anything. From steak to even a roast. I think if you try the recipe you will like it. I know on the FFWD site people who said they were not fond of broccoli enjoyed it cooked this way. So might be good for finicky kids too. One of the rules of this cooking club is you can’t post the recipe but if you pick up a copy of “Around My French Table” you can find it in there. It’s really easy. I am betting some folks can figure this one out on their own.

I decided to serve this with a chicken dish as Dorie suggests in her book. So I made Chicken with Le Gruyere, Sage and easy pan sauce. While this dish was a little more work it really wasn’t hard. I think it would make a great weekend dish for someone with not a lot of time to cook during the week. It would also work for a dinner party I think. I really enjoyed it. You could pound the chicken breasts out ahead of time I think to save time if you wanted to and then quickly assemble before cooking in the pan. I served the chicken whole but the recipe , if you click on the link above, shows it cut into beautiful little slices.

I mention the chicken dish was more work as the day I made this I had no interest in cooking. If my husband had said he’d take us out I would have gone. Ok I am lying. He did actually offer as he could see I was not in the mood to cook that night but I pushed through and I am really glad I did with my hubby cheering me on. Pounding out the chicken was therapeutic and the end result was so wonderful I forgot I didn’t want to cook to begin with. Not to mention the rave reviews I got from my family. My youngest daughter was home too. One of those rare days, so having her in the kitchen was wonderful. I miss cooking with her honestly. So see cooking can be healing even if you don’t feel like you want to.

I found the chicken recipe at Whole Foods. I am really loving Whole Foods as they make my menu planning and shopping easier. They have great recipes which I can put into recipe box online. I can make a shopping list from those recipes or my own and even print out coupons to use in the store. Very easy.

I served this meal with the White wine I used to cook the chicken which was Goat White by a winery in NY called Bully Hill Wines. I’ve really enjoyed their wines lately.

Next up, Dorie’s Vanilla Eclairs. Wish me luck with that one.

Till next time!


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