“Mom let’s make peanut butter”

I am pretty blessed to have kids that do like to cook. Some more than others but it is nice to be able to get in the kitchen and cook with them.

So when my son , after looking for something to make for lunch, said he wanted to make peanut butter I was in for this. Honestly I have never made peanut butter. I’ve seen it done and seen the machine at Whole Foods but that’s about as close to it as I have gotten. I said, “Sure why not, heck I’ll be your sous”. He loved that idea. So from then on I said “Yes, Chef” to all he asked me to do. What a grin I got.

He found the recipe “The Best Peanut Butter Ever” in a book that was given to my youngest daughter when she was about his age. The cookbook is “Honest Pretzels”. Really great first cookbook for a young budding cook to work with in the kitchen. Lots of pictures and simple instructions.

So this recipe called for very little. Peanuts, salt (we used unsalted peanuts) , and peanut oil. That was it. Now go look at your jar of store bought PB and see what’s in it. I was a little shocked how much sugar was in a leading PB that says “choosy moms” would pick it. Um no, not at that much sugar and other chemicals. Not to mention did you know that peanuts are treated with high amounts of pesticides? You would be wise to spend your money for a higher priced organic peanut butter. Not to mention the better taste. Yes you will have to stir it as the oil separates. Think of it as calories burned before eating it!

So what we did was shell a bunch of peanuts making a lovely mess (recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of nuts) , put those in the blender (or food processor ) and turn them to a mush. Then we added a 1/4 tsp of salt and 1 Tablespoon PLUS 1 teaspoon of peanut oil. Hit the blend again and viola we have yummy peanut butter. Of course Jake is now thinking of in the future what to add to his peanut butter to make flavors.

The whole thing will take you 5 mins if your using already shelled peanuts or about 25 if your shelling your own peanuts like we did but we had a good time talking and laughing so really I say shell the peanuts. This will give you a cup of peanut butter when your done and a child with a huge smile.


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