Kelp Seasoning

I am taking a little break from “French Friday’s with Dorie” as much as I love that cooking club. I just recently started school and have my son home visiting from his base so life got a little crazy.

But I had to share something I just picked up. Kelp Seasoning. If your like some of my friends your going “what?” or better yet “Shelly what silly thing have your gotten yourself into now?” Well let me me explain. First a month or so back the doctors found a little something at a routine mammogram and I am currently now trying to find ways to nourish my liver and take better care of my body. It’s nothing serious but the fact is if I ignore it or don’t make some simple changes I suppose it could risk turning into something more serious or just become more of a pain. Pun intended. I have since discovered I am not so bad without my morning coffee.

Lucky for me I have a supportive hubby and kids and I am in enrolled in one of the best school with lots of great supportive people who encourage me in self care and finding healing through diet change. I have cut back a few things already in my diet and already am having less pain. Yay! So one afternoon I decided to look through my study materials and found some information on a video about sea vegetables, aka Seaweed. Hmmm I thought. I only eat that stuff when it’s wrapped around my sushi is there really more of a use for it? Let me tell you I am on a mission to start using different seaweeds in different ways in my kitchen not only for myself but for my family.

I am up for eating kelp. As I shared in another post I take spurlina powder which is an algae. It helps me get through the winter blahs here in New England. Without it I might turn into Jack Nicholson from the shinning. Ok maybe not that extreme. Side note, I would not advise eating Spurlina powder straight. Yes I did try this out of curiosity.

So through my studies I learned that kelp is a good source of iodine , which our body needs daily but doesn’t hold on to. It helps with concentration……oh look a bird….sorry, and it works on brittle nails, hair loss, helps with weight loss, constipation, fatigue and even cholesterol levels. Kelp contains 23 minerals, including chlorophyll, folic acid, vitamins A, B12, D. Ah yes B12 one of the stress vitamins. Did I mention I am the mom to teenagers and some young adults? I have stress in my life let me tell you. So it sounded like something I could add easily into my diet and get some benefits from.

My new salt

At my local Whole Foods store I picked out some Maine Coast Kelp Sea Seasoning to try. I figured I would start small and work my way up. Or maybe I should say down into the ocean? The first night I tried it on some homemade pizza. Wasn’t bad but I am not going to say I really could taste anything. I went light. Its been two weeks and I have been using it in place of salt. It does have a salty taste and I am more willing to grab that instead of the salt shaker now. Did I mention it is lower in sodium? Last night I replaced the salt in my family’s meal when I was cooking and nobody said a thing. So that let’s you know it doesn’t taste fishy at all. Nobody added salt either.

I think next I am going to give Kombu or Wakame a try. I’ll be sure to share what tastes great and what, if anything, tastes like low tide.

Till next time,


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