A dietary experiment

I’ve been eating healthy for months now. Over half a year straight of making mindful choices of not only what I put into my body but how that product was made or raised and even where. I’ve been feeling better than I have in a long time as well as I shed 14 pounds without even trying. Weight loss was not my goal. I just wanted to feel better.

Now over the next month I have two lovely experiments with my diet. One will be an experiment of eating while traveling. The other a gluten free diet for two weeks.

Now the travel bit I plan on bringing a few of my favorite snacks with me as well as water, but one can’t travel with produce and organic meats. Yeah not happening. I am sure where ever I might stop is not going those options either. So I have a choice to make, be a pain in the butt to those I am going with or take this to another level and find out how healthy I can eat when out of my own happy Whole Foods/ Farmer’s market bubble. It can’t be that hard can it? So I am going with the state of mind that I can learn a lot from this. I am secretly looking forward to it.

The gluten free diet is actually a bit more harder for me. First I am going to have to find a way to cut gluten out of my diet but not out of my loved one’s diets. That’s challenge number. Challenger number two is going to be really learning what gluten is in. I know the main offenders but who knew lip gloss and shampoo? I kid you not. Now I am trying this out to see if some health issues that I can’t seem to shake might actually be caused by a sensitivity to gluten. So maybe the shampoo wont have to cut out for those two weeks. I’ll focus on the food.

So with that, I need to finish packing and I am off for my first experiment and the adventures that await!



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