My Gluten Free Adventure

So as I mentioned before I was going to do two weeks gluten free. It was a health concern that sparked this trial way of eating for two weeks. I jumped into this with both feet. The first week went well till the end when I realized I was more hungry than usual and was eating way to much fruit. Which was a good thing because honestly that showed me loud and clear the reason I was trying this out was not the health issue of concern at all.

That being said I still pushed on the second week. I went to Whole Foods and bought all kinds of lovely gluten free things. I am telling you it’s hard to eat this way but at the same time it was so easy to find gluten free foods with WF’s bright green and white “Gluten Free” signs guiding me. I enjoyed some english muffins, bread, pasta and a few other things as well. Nobody suffered but I admit at times it drove me nuts. The worst being the night my hubby had a lovely smelling beer open and I really could have kicked that thing back with how intoxicating it smelled to me.

What did I eat? Rice Cakes have always been my best friend food wise, along with brown rice so that wasn’t to hard. I love brown rice cakes slathered with cashew butter. I did try a few of Food For Life’s gluten free products and loved their almond rice bread. Which if toasted lightly tastes amazing with some local goat cheese and an egg on top for breakfast. The rest was whole foods. I read or heard somewhere while trying this out that “if it doesn’t grow don’t put it in your mouth”. I’d question that since wheat does grow but I see the point. I ate lots more fruit, vegetables, seafood and chicken.

I did gain a better understanding of just how hard and serious this is for people with Celiac’s Disease. I read so much information and even talked to a few people and feel a real compassion for those suffering from this.

If you would like more information on what has gluten in it or about gluten intolerance or Celiac’s disease please check out the following websites:

Gluten Free Help

Gluten Free

Celiac Disease Foundation


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