Tomatillo Salsa made from our Farmers Market finds

There is so much great produce showing up at our local farmer’s market. I have hardly bought any produce at my local grocery store. I love that to be honest. I don’t know how long it’s been there and who’s been handling it. Not that I have phobia or anything. I just find it nice to be able to talk to farmers and ask if something will be back, when it’s been picked, what might they have next week and such.

The pictures from this farmer’s market find are from both our downtown farmer’s market I go to on Saturdays and then Robert Treat Farm. We usually go to Robert Treat to get fish from the fish monger who shows up there and I run in for a few things I don’t find downtown. Wednesdays they have Farmer’s Market from 3:30- 6pm.

I am planning on using the Rosa Bianca Eggplant in the picture in a tapas with some of my fresh tomatoes from the garden. I promise to share that recipe and pics later this week.

Saturday's farmers market finds

Yes that is swordfish and beef. We are blessed not only with the fish monger (who doesn’t have a website sadly) but also with Grande Marquis Farm that raises some of the best tasting beef I have had. All natural and grass fed. So good.

So last week I mentioned I would share my husband’s quick and easy Tomatillio Salsa recipe. It’s really easy. So easy that if your buying salsa you might question why you do. In the picture below you might notice he used green onion but I don’t have it listed. You can chop up a few and pop them in as well if you wish. We made it one week with and one week without. I love onion but some folks don’t so adjust to your taste.

In the kitchen

Tomatillo Salsa

6- 8 tomatillos (skinned and cut in half)
1 jalapeno (if you like heat leave the seeds in and just cut of the top, otherwise remove seeds)
sm. white onion (cut into chunks)
cilantro (about a handful)
1-2 Tbs of Lime juice
salt & pepper to taste
dash of hot sauce

Place all the above in a food processor (or blender) and pulse till blended. Serve with tortilla chips. Yeah it was that easy. Now go grab something cool to drink and enjoy your yourself.

Hope your enjoying your summer and great produce from your local farmer’s market.

Till next time,


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