Farmer’s Market Cookbook and family time

Wednesday I went over to the Downtown New Haven Farmer’s Market with my 11 yr old son and my 18 yr old daughter came as well. That was a real treat as usually she’s not that interested in doing things like this but we had a great time picking out produce and talking about cooking and what’s things going on in her life. Great bonding time.

I spent just $15 for the following items. 5 ears of corn, 2 yellow squash, 2 green squash, 6 tomatillos, 1 onion, 1pound of fresh green beans and a very large french baguette from South Norwalk Baking Company (missing from the picture). Oh and we can’t forget the raspberry tart my daughter got for a snack and the Pain de chocolat my son picked out for himself.

Now also in the picture above is a cookbook (not part of the total I spent above) , New Haven Cooks (or Cocina New Haven). I am eager to try the recipes in this book. They look and sound delicious. The book is in both English and Spanish. It features recipes for sides, salads, soups, main dishes, and a section titled “fruit, sweets, and snacks”. My favorite parts of the book are in the back where they give folks tips on improving packaged food, meal planning and much more. It’s packed for 94 pages! If your interested in supporting City Seed’s program or just want a copy of this great little book you can order one here, or you can find them at Whole Foods in Milford, Caseus in New Haven, Blue State Coffee in New Haven as well.

So what did I make with my finds? Wednesday night I made Tomatillio chicken tacos with goat cheese that was inspired by this recipe from the blog “at the farmer’s market, but I used my husband’s salsa recipe in place of how the tomatillios were used. I served the ears of corn as a side with the tacos. Thursday I simply steamed the green beans , then sauteed the squashes with a little olive oil, basil, oregano and salt and pepper and served that with a steak my 17 yr old son and I grilled. We cut up half the french baguette and put out olive oil to dip the bread in.

Last night my hubby and I were sitting out on our back deck talking and watching the bats fly around our yard (I so love bats) and we were talking about what we were thinking of picking up at Saturday’s market that we go to weekly. Just planning and talking and laughing. It’s so nice to be able to have my whole family involved this week in planning meals, cooking and just being together as a family (ok we are missing two adult children but I take what I can get). So if you haven’t taken your family to a local farmer’s market I suggest you give a try and see what happens. I know I never thought my very busy, fashionista daughter would turn to me and say “thanks for inviting me me to go with you, I had fun.”

On that happy mom moment I’ll close.

Till next time,


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