Post Hurricane Irene

It’s been awhile since I posted. Before hurricane Irene was even on the weatherman’s radar I was busy with my own school studies and preparing my home and self for the up coming homeschool year I will be doing with my boys. Then of course Irene showed up and one has to change gears to getting your home ready and preparing for such a thing. First time in my life honestly having to really think about a hurricane. Earlier in the same week we had an earthquake. That I know having grown up in California. I confess I never felt it. Or maybe what I should say is I was busy reading for school and the house shook a little and my hanging candles swayed and a cowboy hat slide from it’s place but I had a pack of wild boys enjoying the final days of summer upstairs and running and playing so I thought it was them. Earthquake or pack of boys? Same thing.

Our little neighborhood here in coastal Ct was evacuated. Up till then we actually were debating riding it out in our home. I am so glad we didn’t. I would have had a full panic attack I am sure from what I heard from the one neighbor that did stay. So we headed about 26 miles inland with our family and animals to a nice safe hotel and rode the winds and rain out there.

Rescue Remedy and dark chocolate are two things I think that should be in everyone's emergency kit.

We came home to something I never thought I would see in my neighborhood. While our home is fine, my biggest lose was my vegetable garden on the side of the house that is just stems now, our neighbors just two blocks over were not as lucky. Actually our neighbor two house away that has water front property has severe damage as the powerful waves hit it.

We lost power for 4 days but that’s nothing to what other neighbors lost. There just isn’t enough words to say what we see if we walk our normally quiet beach neighborhood. The one thing that is really heartwarming to see is how everyone is pulling together and helping each other in their time of need.

I have to say we were so prepared for this storm it wasn’t funny. Maybe because it was in the forecast unlike an earthquake. But even Cali we had our earthquake kit. Our home is all electric but we are lucky enough to have a gas grill with a burner and so we were able to cook. I think I’ll sort of miss making breakfast out on the grill and eating on the back deck with my boys who are sleeping in later this morning then the last few days. It was quiet to sit and talk and watch the birds and squirrels in the yard. Yesterday we had a hummingbird just stop in to say hi. Anything you can cook in a house on a gas stove you can cook on a gas grill. My tips to you are to make sure you have a good collection of cast iron pots or stainless steel. These can be used on a fire pit with a cooking grate. I would only use the cast iron if you don’t have a cooking grate. If your lucky enough to have a dutch oven there is a host of things you can cook in it. All one needs to do is google
“camping recipes in dutch oven” to find everything from breakfast to dessert.

Cooking up Eat Well's Paprika Shrimp & Green Bean Saute on the grill.

Hope this finds everyone safe and with those you love.



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