What I’ve been up to…

I am actually shocked to find I have not posted a blog in over a month. Has it really been a month? Time has slipped away from me for sure.

Some of the farmer’s markets have closed locally. The cooler weather along with the damage they had from Irene forced a few farmers to just shut down and work on what to do for next year. I’ve also been really busy with my own studies and other things going on like workshops and conferences that I have not been able to enjoy those markets that have been open. Sort of sad really. I was happy that while I was at one weekend conference my hubby took the boys to the local neighborhood farm and bought our entire dinner from there. He cooked up a fabulous grilled swordfish, local corn and really amazing wild rice and all of it bought at our tiny little farm store. I really need to take pictures of what he cooks when I am off duty. He makes it look so beautiful! Not to mention it always tastes amazing.

The conference I was at that weekend happened to be for the school I am going to, Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It was two days of amazing speakers from Dr.David Katz to Deepak Chopra. “Nourishing Traditions” author Sally Fallon Morell was there and the surprise guest Joe Cross from the great documentary movie “Fat,Sick & Nearly Dead” was there. On top of that it was just amazing to meet so many people passionate about health and wellness. The energy alone was great but I made some great new friends and I had the honor of meeting a health coach that helped me make the best choice of my life in attending this school, who is also working with the NFL.

IIN Fall conference at the Javit's center. My pictre of Deepak came out blurred sadly.

The great group of ladies I got to spend time with at the conference.

So I am studying away at IIN and enjoying it. They just released us to see clients and I am really excited to be working with the folks I am. I so enjoy helping people find their own balance in their life and help them to feel better through changes not only in food but in lifestyle.

My school supplies

In the kitchen I am still cooking away and trying out new things. Yesterday the boys and I decided to make a version of Lar Bars. My 17 yr old son loves these things and I figured how hard can it be to make a raw food bar? Ok it was wicked easy and when we figured the math out we made four bars for the cost of buying one. Not bad. Pretty darn tasty too. I added my herbal powder I usually take in a smoothie, but it’s been to cold to have, and spirulina to our bars.

Not a thing of beauty but very tasty!

Beyond that I am doing my typical fall organizing of the kitchen and finding new ways to make my kitchen space work at it’s best. Something I love to do. Some folks spring clean I am more of a fall cleaner. I love to get the house feeling cozy for the upcoming winter hibernation here in New England. You got to remember I am Cali girl and while I’ve lived in CT 17 years I have yet to find something I just love to do in the snow. Does cooking in my kitchen count?

So that’s what I am up to. Hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the fall weather where you live.

Till next time.


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    • Here’s the website I got the recipe from. I have to say it is really good. I added in just shy of a tsp of spirulina to mine and then the daily boost powder from The Bulk Herb Store.

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