No, actually it’s not coffee.

I love coffee. So I promise this wont be a coffee bash. I am sitting in Starbucks as I type this, soaking up the smell as I drink my tea. I really do love coffee. The smell, the taste, even grinding the beans. That all ended for me this past spring. I had actually been looking for away to dump my morning coffee habit as I noticed I was grumpy and more tired after a couple of cups.I tried smaller cups hoping that would work. I then convinced myself I could have more then. When I read about the effects of caffeine on my adrenals and a possible link to the lump in my breast, I bid adieu to my morning ritual. It so happened the warmer weather was coming and so making a morning smoothie replaced the coffee easy but I still wanted a little something.

I started out drinking Tulsi Tea. Not bad at all. I liked it and it worked for the time being. I would have it after my morning smoothies as I am the type of person that gets chilled easily. As the summer heat came, I was able to drop my tea and coffee habit and just enjoy my morning smoothies. I actually did well with the caffeine withdrawal to my shock. In the six months since I parted ways with morning cup , I actually had a whole 4 cups of the black blood of life. Two were in the same weekend I spent at a conference in NYC. I confess the smell of Starbucks on a chilly morning got to me. I caved. Actually so were my other cups. Maybe I should blame NYC. I’d cave now to be honest but I like to sleep and it’s a bit late in the evening for me to drink cup without staying up way past Craig Ferguson and wondering if I really need to buy a snuggie or not, even if the infomercial makes it sound so great.

Now fall is here. Maybe I should say winter with the weekend’s snow storm we had. I am craving coffee but don’t want to add it back into my diet. I have an alternative, Teeccino.

Now I am not going to tell you it tastes just like coffee. I’d be lying but there’s something about it that satisfies that craving for me. I am not jittery after a few cups either which is a bonus. What is it? According to the website it’s a “blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground”. I am able to make a pot of it in my french press and enjoy it all morning or afternoon depending on when I make it. Oh and my French Press (picture below) is from Ikea and keeps things pretty warm for hours. Love it better than our old glass one that cooled down quickly and later shattered.

Teeccino & my French Press

When looking this drink up to see what it was I found they talk about the health benefits from drinking Teeccino. Benefits such as having potassium and soluble fiber, antioxidants, caffeine free, gluten free, non acidic, prebiotic and more, but for me the most important reason was it’s non harmful affects on women’s health. You can read more about all of these on the Teeccino site.

I’ve trying the Java blend. Love the taste and the alertness I get from it. My 17 yr old son enjoys having a cup or two if I make a pot. He has even tried making iced “coffee” with it and says he enjoyed it. This morning my 19yr old daughter gave it a try. She honestly is the test if it is good or not. She’s use to drinking all sorts of coffee from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts. The girl lives on coffee. Her verdict? Well I wont type what she actually said as I am not totally sure I would get it right but she really enjoyed it and told me to let her know for now on when I make a pot.

So if your looking for a coffee substitute and tea is not cutting it fully for you, maybe reach for a cup of Teeccino, I am dubbing it the other Black Blood of life.

Till next time,


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