FFWD- Potato Chip Tortilla

Hello again my favorite cookbook

It has been so long since I have cooked along with the French Friday’s with Dorie group. I have missed it. I have been checking in and looking at what the group is cooking and check out some of the tasty blogs but just have not made time in my life to do this. I decided of course, during the holiday season, to get back to it. Yeah that fits who I am. No actually I was good, I scheduled the time in. When a couple of things came up that really didn’t need me, I said no and enjoyed my time in the kitchen.

Ok so on to the dish. Potato Chip Tortilla. Um, ok Dorie what would get you to dream this one up? I admit I was skeptical. I don’t eat many potato chips and just remember them being super salty but figured why not. I even had fun and posted the snap shot of the ingredients on Facebook for my friends to guess what I was cooking. On suggested I make a call for take out.

What can you make with this?

I changed the recipe up a bit. I used a little more chips and they were also salt and pepper kettle chips. Not sure why Whole Foods didn’t have plain potato chips. Odd. I used 7 eggs instead of 4 because I was making this to feed hungry men for a light dinner and my 19 yr old daughter. I used a hot Spanish paprika because I could reach it and it sounded like a good idea since only a pinch was going into it. We did top it with salmon and some sliced green onion and served it with a nice big salad.

So below are the pictures and I will then follow them up with my family’s thoughts.

Smashing the chips up, yes Dorie I licked my fingers. You were right.

Chopping herbs is easier with kitchen sheers

egg mixture

egg mixture and chips all together

Little cook time on the stove top till set

Under the broiler it goes...

Out of the oven to cool a bit

Plated with smoked salmon and a side salad.

I make Spanish tortilla often. I learned to cook it from a woman from Madrid and I have fun playing around with ingredients. You really can’t mess it up. If it goes with eggs you got yourself lunch, brunch or a light dinner. It’s easy on the budget too. Flipping a tortilla can be difficult and I have done it but usually have help. I have since taken to cooking it on the stove top till set and finishing it under the broiler much like this recipe had you do.

So what did my family think? Well they decided to play like they were on “Chopped” and had given me the odd ingredients. They all agreed they couldn’t tell there was potato chips in it. “There wasn’t enough crunch for me, I felt you didn’t play up the chips potential.” The suggestion was to sprinkle a little on top at the end. Dorie says that your not suppose to know potato chips were used so I would say I made it right and they just wanted more chipiness (is that a word?) They did like it and so maybe it will show up at our table again. It made for a fun dinner with a lot of laughter and maybe that was the whole point behind this dish. Thanks Dorie!

Till next time,
Bon Appetit!


7 responses

  1. Sounds like your family had fun with the judging. I liked the real tortilla we made, but this was so much faster and easier on a weeknight. Glad you could fit it in. I find FFwD so much fun.

  2. Hi Shelly, Saw your post on FFWD FB page. I’m glad you decided to cook along again. Your Tortilla looks great…so glad everyone enjoyed it! Sounds like a fun family night. I bet it tasted great with the salt and pepper chips. I also like that you used hot spanish paprika…nice addition. Happy holidays!

    • Hi Kathy. Happy Holidays to you and yours as well. The salt and pepper chips did add to it and surely didn’t need any more salt to it. I am still thinking of playing with this one. Might make a fun party dish.

    • Cher I am so glad I was the only one who felt like this was a mystery box challenge of some sort. LOL I hope there is another one like this in the future. Got me thinking about fun ways to use ordinary things in a different way.

  3. LOL, how awesome! Your family seems to have enjoyed eating this creation! This didn’t agree my preggers taste buds so we passed on it this time, but I want to make it as soon as I get my taste buds back! 🙂

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