Men in the kitchen, favorite foodie places and more

Pardon my detour from my usual cooking and recipe sharing so that I can share a little from our Christmas holidays. A little in the kitchen and some out and around our little state. It has been a wonderful month of celebrations in our home. It just goes by so fast. My youngest son has a birthday early in December, then my husband and I celebrated 23 years of not killing each other, err..I mean marriage. He knows I jest. I am always surprised he keeps coming home to silly old me every night.

Then of course you have all the holiday cooking, shopping, trying to see everyone but not getting to (You know who you are and I miss you dearly) and of course getting ready to have our oldest son home on leave. Almost thought it wasn’t going to happen but he’s here!

First off we had to get the holiday shopping done. This includes food.We spent an afternoon in the car driving around to the local brew store and then a stop to a farm for fresh apple cider, a pie and some other goodies. Both of us being mostly Irish and proud of it and my husband being very Welsh, we love to go here to The UK Gourmet in beautiful Newtown. I’d go for the ride alone. But we went to pick up some gifts and of course some lovely Irish meats for a traditional Irish breakfast we will be having this weekend. I can’t wait.

Of course my men folk wouldn’t be happy without a trip to The Angry Pepper our in Monroe. We actually go out there a few times a year or whenever we just want something hot. You’d have to know my guys and I could write a whole post on the love of hot sauce that is in this house. We have a full shelf in our fridge dedicated to the spicy stuff.

My guys spend time in the kitchen too. I have to say this year more than ever. It was wonderful to have so much help and smiling faces. My daughter Chelsea usually helps with the holiday cooking so this was great.

Here’s my hubby in the kitchen, cooking up his curried bluefish dish. So amazing!

One of the many snack platters he makes up for our weekend lunches

My son, the Marine, frosting a cake

My younger boys decorating a gingerbread house. Actually after reading it would take 5 hours total to build and dry, my husband and oldest son got to coming up with a “plan b” so that after dinner we were able to decorate but they guys all worked on it. Lots of laughter.

My December find that left me wanting more only to find out it’s a super short growing season was Satsuma Citrus. I think I love them more then clementines. Maybe

My last post I shared how I am in love with fermented foods. I am sure I left out that I often borrow a book from the library that I am sure I have stained up a bit and dog eared. Well no more. My awesome husband got me Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions”. So expect to see some posts from me working through this book.

I also was gifted by this same amazing man, a kombucha brewing kit! So I am going to be brewing a lot sooner than I thought.

I hope your holidays were filled with lots of fun, laughter and memories and help from the people you love. I know mine have been.

Till next time,


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