One Simple Promise

I am not making any resolutions this year. How about you? I stopped doing this last year. I just got sick and tired of setting myself up for failure. I had good intentions. I wrote out things I really wanted to do. Things I thought I really could do. Problem is I never had a plan for any of them. So by February (if not sooner) the were long forgotten and when I did remember them, I felt like once again I couldn’t even do something I set myself up to do. How lame is that?

If your in the same boat, your not a loser or someone who can’t finish what they start. Your goals are not to much or to hard. It might just be that you have to many or you don’t have a plan.

I entered into 2011 with a mangled finger , my son had left to return to his base, my husband had left to bury his father at sea, I was having panic attacks which I had not had in years and yet I was having a feeling of wanting to nurture myself more. Something I had put off being mom, homeschool teacher, wife and the other dozen hats I wear now and then. I knew I wanted this year to be different, brush off the stink of 2010 and have a year that was life changing and when I got to December I wanted to say it was a year well lived. I am happy to say, it was a year well lived.

My boys asked me on New Year’s day what my resolutions were and I told them I wasn’t doing any. Of course they gave me looks and said “you have to have resolutions mom”. I remember smiling and saying that instead I was going to just make one simple promise. Which of course they asked, what?

“I am going to drink more water.” I said.

Nobody seemed impressed. Drink more water? How boring could that be? What was that going to do?

I was just going to do it because I felt like I could do it. I wanted to do it and I had a plan. I know a plan to drink more water? I am not kidding I really had a plan. I even had a new pretty glass my daughter bought me to do it, and that I knew I would WANT to drink more water from. Silly I know.

My Leopard water glass that my daughter bought me

Armed with my leopard wine glass and a bag of lemons and limes I set off. I would cut limes and lemons at the start of the week and keep them in the fridge, this made it easy to flavor the water I thought wasn’t so tasty. I kept playing around with flavor to find the taste I like best. I moved from tap water to mineral water and even discovered I love Italian mineral water more than French. Floating frozen fruit in the summer for ice cubes and just finding way to really enjoy my water the way I would a glass of wine. I found it was effortless the more water I drank, the more water I wanted. Fall found me not wanting cold water and so I tried warm water with lemon or plain and found it a great comfort during Hurricane Irene or cold mornings and chilly evenings.

Here’s the interesting thing. My single promise to myself snowballed. Adding in more water affected more things than I ever thought. Not just my health but my emotional well being and how I see myself and the world around me. Yeah crazy I know but water was the key to opening the door to a healthier more enjoyable year.

Drinking water at my desk while working

Here’s a list of the things that happened in 2011 to me that simply making the promise to myself to drink more water, with a plan did:

1. I lost 20 lbs in 9 months without going on some fad diet or a crazy gym routine
2. My face breakouts improved
3. dry skin patches started to clear up
4. Clearer thinking
5. Inspired to move more, so I started just taking fun walks
6. Found ways to move more in an everyday way since I had more energy
7. Feeling better I went back to eating a healthier diet but didn’t starve myself. Ate in abundance.
8. Started to listen to my body more and nurturing it.
9. sleep issues I had went away
10. remembered goals I had before and enrolled in school
11. stopped judging myself and am forgiving myself daily
12. enjoyed life more
13. put in time for self care
14. Feel emotionally balanced
15. I let go of things, relationships, activities that no longer worked for me or caused me stress
16. No longer drink coffee daily (or even weekly) or alcohol on a regular basis.

I am sure I could go on. I know there are some things on that list that people are looking at and going how the heck did you get that from drinking more water. Like I said it was a snowball effect. First drinking more water flushed out toxins from my body which in turn helped me feel better. I quit habits (coffee and alcohol) easily as they were pushed out by the water I was drinking.I honestly didn’t notice till others pointed that out. The better I felt the more I wanted to try new things to feel even better and it just kept building. Things just came into place and here I am looking back on year with a lot of great memories, relationships healed, boundaries set, a new career path, people in my life who I adore (both new and old friends) and an out look on life that I can do anything. It just starts with one simple promise. One small goal backed by a plan.

Hot water with slice of lemon in the morning or evening is amazing. Thanks you to my son for this cup.

So will you make a long list of resolutions? If so do you have a plan for each of them so you can be successful? Or might you try something new and must make a simple promise with a plan and see how it can snowball in your life.

Whatever it is you choose to do I hope that as 2012 ends next year you find yourself saying it was year well lived.

Till Next time,
Blessings , love and health in the New Year I wish to you!


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