Unplugging to Recharge

It has been busier than normal around here. I was feeling overwhelmed and just wanting to hid under my blanket with a cup of tea and watch something totally mindless on the tv or find an old novel I’ve read a few times and just let the rush of life move on by me.

I must have said it loud enough for the universe to manifest my wish for a quiet simpler time. We had a storm blow through this week. It was a rainy afternoon and I had spent the afteroon talking with my daughter and was planting some seeds when she wanted me to show her how to poach an egg. No sooner does she get the items needed and puts a pot of water on the stove , that the power cuts off. Flickers back on and then is off again. She looks at me and being 19 and knowing we have an all electric house says “oh no…this is not happening, I am out of here!” Grabbed her work clothes and headed to the mall early for her shift at work and the familiar glow of electricity. She did call later to see if we were ok and to tell us to come into her work for dinner.

My 12 yr old son and I went back to planting some seeds by candle light. This is one of those times I am pleased I have a weird affection for the Amish and their goods. With the house a glow from candles and my oil lamp at the ready if we needed it later we settled in to play some board games. Scrabble is more fun than Words with Friends I have to say. You know nobody is using a cheat app.

Planting by candle light

On a day I had “so much to get done” and feeling like I had no time to get it done in, I was blessed enough to enjoy hours of laughter and peacefullness that only being totally unplugged by force can bring. It’s a good reminder to take time out to enjoy the simple things.

My favorite Amish candle holder with matches stored in base

We did have to leave to pick up my other son from work. The electricty came on just momenents before we left. It was to late to cook so we grabbed dinner out. I might be a bit behind still on some projects but it was so worth it to have time to recharge. To be honest I am not even as worried as I was before the power went out. I will get it all done. The other gift from this was last night while the boys could have been playing video games they choose instead to play Scrabble and laugh their heads off while I cooked up dinner. Maybe we all need a little unplugging to break our routines and remind us of peaceful things we can do instead.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, restful weekend full of laughter and great memories.



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