At one point it was natural

So quick, tell me the ingredients in a bag of salt and pepper chips.

Ok so I bet you guessed the following; salt, pepper, potatoes, oil. Right?

How about buttermilk, cream, whey? I kid you not I saw this recently on a bag of chips claiming to be all natural. Ok so buttermilk, cream and whey are natural products of cow milk and milk is a natural product. So I suppose it fits under the “All Natural” lable. But could someone explain why they are in salt and pepper potato chips along with corn syrup?

I make chips in my home. I don’t use those things. Why do the companies have to? When your sensitive to dairy and corn syrup like I am, or trying to loose weight, those things don’t need to be in your potato chips. Everyone likes a good chip now and then. It’s knowing what is actually in those suckers is the thing.

It figures it was the first bag of chips I actually decide to eat in over a year or more. I do like tortilla chips and buy a brand with like 4 ingredients that I can say. No on this day I went into the cupboard, saw the chips and thought , without thinking to check the lable, I’d have a couple. I took my share of chips out, ate them and got a familiar headache. I went over check the lable and gasped at what I saw. Corn syrup and dairy.

So I stopped eating them and allowed the rest of my family to enjoy them as I can’t. While not a full blown allergy to these things they do cause me health concerns that are uncomfortable. Being off them I notice a big difference in my health and mental clarity and moods. So I don’t eat them. While I am a health counselor I am not the food police (though sometimes family members and some friends like to make me out to be just that) and do say yes to things and buy things I don’t eat but my family does.

So this potato chip thing had me shocked. Then my daughter came home with Subway with her sandwich and a bag of chips. “Garden Tomato & Basil” the flavor. I had to look again. The package , much like the one I had eaten from days earlier (but a different brand) said the same thing, “All Natural”. Looks so innocent with it’s clean white background and fresh fruits and veg on the front. If I was shopping quickly with crazy kids in tow or rushing on my way home I might just grab these thinking they were all natural and with simple ingredients.

ON the back it claims to be “naturally delicious”. Is that anything like “magically delicious”?

I read on and find not one but three different kinds of sugars and a couple of dairy products yet again. Oh and 3 kinds of oil.

Some foods are just plain easy to know are bad for you. Like a new Pizza hut pizza that has cheeseburger on it. That screams triple bypass. Thankfully this is being unveiled in the middle east. Though I wonder about that.

Or the pizza crust filled hot dog. That can’t be good right?

Then there are things that are just simple and get you when you least expect it. Extra calories you don’t need or want, more sugar we really don’t need in our Standard American Diet , aka S.A.D. It is pretty sad to when you start really looking at packages and see the sugar hidden in even things like tomato sauce.

My point with this post is this, is not to scare you from having a treat now and then, but just because it says it is all natural doesn’t mean it still is. It was at one point before it was processed to death and then brought back to life on your tastebuds thanks to high amounts of sugar, fats and oils and salt.

Am I saying don’t eat potato chips? Or boycott Lay’s chips? Nope. Eat them if you want. Just if your wondering why you can’t loose weight, are having some mood swings, lack of energy or some other health issues, it might be those extra ingredients that you would never think were hidding in your food. So read the lables. A good rule of thumb comes from Michael Pollan, “Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.” fits.

I’d like to add another of his rules, “If your going to eat junk, make it yourself”. I’ll stick to my kale chips, beet chips and make my own pizza thank you. I’ll post my favorite recipe for that soon. I make my own fries with 3 ingredients I think I can handle my own chips. My salt & pepper chips wont include sugars and dairy.


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