I love leeks. I really do. I am not even really sure why to be honest. I love to use them in different ways. Roasting, sauteing, soups and pasta even. One of my favorite quick and easy dinners is Leeks Fettucini. The recipe comes form the book , “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and she has other recipes including a leeks fast/cleanse weekend as well.

While at a cooking class I noticed the chef not cleaning the leeks. I thought it odd. Then on tv I caught another chef not cleaning the leeks. That one threw me a bit. So I thought maybe folks don’t know how to clean them or know they should. I know one time I didn’t clean the leeks well and we had a rather gritty dinner. Not good.

So let me quickly explain how to clean leeks. I am going to mention two ways. Pick what ever way you think will work best for you.

You’ll your leeks, a cutting board, a knife, a bowl or salad spinner or a strainer.

Cut the green top off and the tip of the leeks off. Here’s a tip, don’t throw away those green tops. Stick them in a large freezer bag along with other bits of vege, like carrot tops and such, and save for making stocks.

Now you have a choice.
Choice #1 Slice the leeks length wise (pics here) and put in a strainer and then rinse under cool water spreading open the layers to wash away the grit. Then after they are clean and drained you can slice for your recipe. Easy.

Choice #2 Once you have cut the green top and the tip off, slice the leeks into thin rings. You can see the dirt in this leek.

Next place the slices in a bowl with water or in a salad spinner with water to cover. Give a good spin.

Then drain. You’re now ready to use in your favorite recipe. Like I said before you can use them in most anything but don’t be afraid to serve them alone as a side or say a topping on fish. They a milder onion and can be used most ways you would use an onion.

One last bit, leeks don’t get much press about their health benefits. Did you know they are high in Vitamin K? What to know more? Check out this site for all kinds of health benefits on leeks.


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