Organic Food Jerk?

I noticed on Facebook that this article was going around about a study on how people who eat organic food become jerks. You can read it here.

I was a little shocked by this. I mean I know plenty of jerks, and they would be jerks without eating organic food. Just who they are and they are self admitted jerks, so not bashing anyone here. Honestly more of the jerks I know don’t eat organics. They are not jerks for not eating organic, maybe people are just born jerks. I really don’t think it comes down to what they eat. I mean there are food snob, clothing snobs and car snobs. All can be classified as jerks by someone.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but what the person in the article describes that happens at a local farmer’s market does sound like it should be on tv. I have never ever experienced that kind of treatment at any farmer’s market anywhere. Not in California 20 years ago as newbie to farmer’s markets or here in Connecticut. I love the farmer’s markets, the helpful farmers willing to share a recipe and help you try something new or make something old even better. I usually go to 3-4 different markets between my town and New Haven and never once have I seen someone treated badly. Thinking what happened in the article is a very rare thing. Though I admit I wouldn’t go to a farmer’s market looking for a prepared fruit platter. Just saying.

The article goes on to talk about judgement passing and the organic foodie. I don’t see how eating organics, or looking at pictures with labled organic foods for that matter, is going to affect how you treat people. Yes there are people who tend to be preachy and in your face about thier mission to save the planet. Believe me I know some of those kinds of jerks myself. The ones that you honestly couldn’t do anything right unless you bought and ate just what they bought. On the flip side I know people who dont eat organics or want to eat healthy who seem to enjoy telling me I am wrong or pick on me for the way I eat. A little to much to be honest and I’ve started letting people know I don’t like the so called jokes. I choose to eat how I eat, you eat how you eat. It’s all ok. Heck with my clients the goal is to not try to get them to eat like I do unless they want to.

Strawberries from my deck.

I think that is really the issue I have with this whole article. I’ve never seen one posted about how misunderstood some of us who eat healthy are. I don’t eat dairy because of any religious or enviornmental issue. I only stopped eating dairy totally a few months now. I have issues with it and while they don’t produce effects that require medical attention they bother me enough to not want to eat it and I feel better not eating diary now. It works for me. Just some people don’t get it and make hurtful comments. The fact I would rather eat an apple then a candybar has gotten me attacked. If I say I am eating less meat, people assume your going vegan. I am not doing that either. I honestly eat less meat in the warmer months and to be honest I’ve recently become interested in the health aspects of eating more vegetarian dishes than just our Meatless Monday. I’ll be sharing some recipes soon. The great thing is eating a vegtarian dish can actually be a faster way to cook a meal for my family. I don’t have to remember to defrost anything. Toss that in my lazy box along with reasons I breastfed my kids of did co-sleeping. I’ll be honest, it was easier and the bonus was it was healthy for them. Win win!

In the end maybe the lesson is we all need to be a little nice to each other. No matter if it’s food, the car we drive, the clothes we wear or the music we listen to or who we love, we could try to show a little more kindness. To the guy at the farmer’s market who wanted to charge the woman for a bag, maybe he could have asked “are you new to the market?” and if she had said yes he could let her in know that in the future she should bring her own bags as typically he charges but let her slide this one time. Then he wouldn’t be attacked online in an article for being an organic food jerk. Just some thoughts that run through my mind.

So how is it for you and food? Do you get picked on by what you eat or don’t eat? Have you had a bad experience at a farmer’s market that just totally turned you off from going back? Leave a comment below and share your story.

Till next time,


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