What’s in your sandwich?

I had planned to share my new favorite sandwich that I have been having for lunch lately when I saw a post on a blog that I follow and enjoy reading. It talks about Subway and if it is really fresh or not. You can see it here on 100 Days of Real Food.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it? What really is fresh, natural or real that claims to be? Sometimes eating out can’t be avoided. One thing you can do when eating out is to ask to see their nutritional guide or you can look up your favorite places online , and find the information needed to arm yourself to make the right choice for your body. It can be a challenge. Things can fool you. I mean if you walk into Starbucks for a coffee and breakfast you might think the raspberry scone is a better option over the sausage breakfast sandwich. Not so. You be better off getting the breakfast sandwich. My husband and I had a good laugh one night as we compared things we thought were healthy with those things we were sure were bad to eat.

My thoughts of sharing this information is not to scare people and I don’t have some hippie agenda either. I just would like to help inform people. Food is not always what it appears to be. Sometimes it’s not even food. Like have you seen the ingredient l-cysteine? What is that even? Well when it made headlines not to long ago in someone large company’s bagel, it turns out it is dissolved human hair used as a conditioner for the bread to help speed up the processing. Now they have changed that to duck feathers. Oh I feel better eating duck feathers don’t you? I’ll stop here but will say look up things you don’t know what they are, then decide for yourself if it’s something you want to eat or not. The information you find might just be the stuff that helps you get healthier.

So back to my new favorite sandwich. It’s crazy simple and really yummy and a great way to use up some veggies in the fridge and have some creative fun.

First my favorite bread, and has been since I was 17 years old is Ezekiel bread. You can learn more about it here at Food for Life. They offer many different types and if you have food allergies or sensitivities offer solutions for those not able to eat gluten or yeast. Not to mention sprouted breads offer more nutrition.

My fav sandwich and a glass of home-brewed strawberry lemonade kombucha

Shelly’s favorite sprouted sandwich

2 pieces of Ezekiel bread
homemade hummus (find my recipe here) about 2 tablespoons
thinly sliced tomatoes
spinach leaves
thinly sliced red onion
sliced or chopped bell pepper (any color)
arugula & clover sprouts

Spread both pieces of bread with hummus, then load on your veggies, close the sandwich and enjoy.

Sometimes I enjoy it on a sprouted grain or whole wheat tortilla as a wrap. Mix it up and put your favorite veggies or what you need to use up in the fridge. I was thinking the other day some smoked salmon might be good on this too. I might have to try that.

In other news, our town farmer’s market starts it season this Saturday. So I’ll be back to posting my farmer’s market finds. I am so excited. I have missed my mornings at the market.

Also if you have followed this blog for a while you might remember when it has more of a kitty theme as I loved cooking in the kitchen while my cat, Jericho, was with me. He passed away as many of you know last November and I was really sad about it. I just recently started looking around at local shelters for a new feline friend. Had my mind-set on one breed of cat but it’s funny how love comes in ways you never thought or expected. My husband , wanting to get me a kitty for my birthday took me to a few shelters and we both fell in love with a beautiful 5-year-old kitty, who has lived in a shelter her whole life. Not sure as to why people passed over this little lady but she is so adorable. We just love her and her ability to turn her purring on extra high when you just look at her.

Miss Purresly’s first day home.

She came with the name Purresly and after looking through her paperwork and seeing she is from GA originally, I decided to call her Miss Purresly. So far she hasn’t hung out in the kitchen yet for a cooking session but I think when my guys bring home some freshly caught fish, she will be right in there and maybe that will be the start of a new friend. Untill then the dog is happy to be the only furry taste tester.

Till next time!


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