Saving our green on salad greens.

Here is an easy and quick way to save a few bucks on your grocery budget. If your like me and love fresh salads but hate paying the crazy price for boxed salads that can be like a box of Cracker Jacks and you’re not sure what you’re getting inside. I don’t like to gamble with my grocery money on something as simple as lettuce greens. I get pretty disappointed when I pay $4 for a box of mixed greens and open it up and the center is mushy or it just smells off. so here’s a way to get way more for much less. Not to mention, it’s easier on the environment with less packaging, less chemicals and if you buy at a local farmers market, your supporting small businesses and keeping your carbon footprint down. Win, Win!!

Today I went to our local farrmers’ market and got a head of salad bowl lettuce. We paid $1.25, I think, hubby was getting it while I was looking at other yummies, so might have been $1.50.  As you can see in the picture below it’s a BIG head of lettuce.




Salad Bowl Lettuce is in the rear. What a deal!

So here’s what I do to make the most of this awesome find.

First cut, tear up or however you want to it, the head into nice pieces. At this point I don’t cut it up to small as I might use some of it for sandwiches or tomorrow’s salmon burgers. So do what works best for you.

Then give the pieces a nice gentle bath. You don’t want to bruise them. I do this in several batches.

Then give a little twirl in a salad spinner to dry the lettuce off. Again do this in batches. If you have little ones who love to help get them involved.

Then place in your own reusable container. Which reminds me, did you know some companies use gas in their boxes or bags of salad to keep them fresh? It’s true.

So how much did I get out of that one head of lettuce? Well I filled my largest container and one smaller one. I am debating trying the salad jars I’ve seen lately, so I can just grab a lunch this week without even having to think. Below is a typical box of store-bought greens and on either side is what I got from my head of lettuce today.

I’ll be using my lettuce on salmon burgers tonight, side salad tomorrow, lunches, wraps, sandwiches and a blueberry chicken salad I am making for dinner later in the week. Yes it will last that long. All for less than $2. I’d need 2 boxes at least so I figure I am saving about $7 this week just by shopping at my local farmers market.

I’ll be posting what I made with other items we got at the farmers market later this week.

Till next time, get out and enjoy the fresh air and save some green on your greens!


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