This week at the farmers market

It was a beautiful Saturday morning for going to the Downtown Milford Farmers Market. I thought I’d share more of the market this week and what we bought. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my recipe that I made with my finds as well as from my own garden.

It was pretty busy when we got down there. I was happy to see some returning vendors as well. Always makes me happy to see a familiar face and their goodies that I love!

Each week, there is a different music guest playing some sweet music to make your experience that much more fun. What is it about the ukulele that just makes you smile and want to dance?

There were beautiful plants for sale. I debated buying a butterfly bush from Sunflower Farms but not sure where in my yard I would put it unless I can get my husband to start letting me tear up the lawn to put in more plants. Not going to happen. I did come home with two small lavender plants for my deck from Vaiuso Farms At a buck a piece I couldn’t pass it up.

Look at all the goodies Sunflower Farm has to offer!

Some of the potted plants from Vaiuso Farms

Oh and my favorite smiling and singing guys were back from Vaisuso this week. Yay!

Follow that sign!

Another happy returning vendor is Grand Marquis Farm and their tender and yummy grass-fed beef. See told you I eat meat. Just has to be from happy cows, cared for by a happy local family. Often when you come to their booth you will met three generations happy to help you. Here’s two of them!

Scratch Baking was also there. My 12 yr old son (who missed out again) loves to get a treat from here when he comes along to the market. I picked up a beautiful loaf of artisan bread. Their store just happens to be in the shopping area the market is held if you felt the need for more yummy baked goodies.

Something new and fun for the kids this week was Kisha’s Creative Crafts. I love anything that has little to no chemicals. Kisha makes organic creative dough that she colors with extracts from fruits and veggies. How awesome is that. So if your little one likes to eat their dough it’s ok! Wow, would that have come in handy when my kids were small. She had a play area for kids to come and play with the dough and try things out. Check out her website if you’re looking for something like this for your little ones. She’ll be at other markets around the state.

My buys this weekend.

So my purchases this weekend were:
1 dozen eggs from Stonewall Apairy
1 huge head of salad bowl lettuce
2 yellow squash
1 large green squash
2 lavender plants
1 beautiful loaf of bread
1 beef soup bone

I posted over the weekend how to save some money by shopping at the farmers market with a simple head of lettuce. You can read that here. I’ve got a few meals these finds will be a part of. Tomorrow I’ll be posting one meal with the recipe and step by step pictures.

I do hope you will consider adding a stop to a farmers market near you. There’s so much more than just food. Here’s 10 reasons to buy local.


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