Pesto, Pizza and Pasta

Pizza, who doesn’t love it. I totally do. I just can’t stand delivery or frozen. Now that it is clear I have a dairy sensitivity eating out can be a challenge. So I make my own nearly all the time. Though last month my husband found me the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had at a new local spot that just opened this year. So good and it was nice to have a few slices of pie that I didn’t make.

As a teenager I worked in a pizza joint in Long Beach, California called “The Pizza Eatery”. It was a place I actually sort of grew up in. One of the near weekly menu items on my mom’s “cooking” menu. I didn’t mind, it had video games and I knew the staff well. It’s also where I learned I loved Milk & Pepsi. Ahh young taste buds. At the pizza eatery we served square slices. I remember how much I wanted to move from the salad bar to the making pizzas. Silly but true. When I finally got to I was thrilled but it was less fun than I thought. I had to carefully measure out cheese and only put so many toppings on. No fun in that. They didn’t offer a lot of choices either. Most people stayed to their standard pepperoni or sausage with a few if any vegetable toppings.

So years ago my husband bought me a bread machine. I use it more as a dough machine. It made making things like monkey bread and cinnamon rolls a heck of a lot easier. Then I tried pizza and I never have gone back to buying dough in the store or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve also evolved my bread machine dough recipe to be more healthy. Nice thing is I know what is in it, I can pronounce it all and I try my best to always use organic and/or local ingredients. I get a no guilt pizza. I even found it easier to make the pizza in a big rectangle and serving square slices. My kids thought it odd. For me it just reminded me of my childhood.

Enter in my food sensitivity and my making pizza once or twice a month went to making it zero. I can eat goat cheese and I have made some delish pies with goat cheese but it’s not always want I want. Then it hit me to try a pesto pizza. A pesto of course without cheese. I wasn’t to sure what the guys would think. While my 12 yr old still loves a greasy thin crust gooey cheese covered pizza, he actually asked me the last time I made pizza to skip the cheese and do the pesto thing again. Yay! A winner!

Using an icing spreader works great to spread pesto around on the dough

My latest thing to do as well is to make personal pizzas. This way I don’t have to worry about what is on anyones but mine. If they want cheese they can have it. It’s been fun watching what top their pizzas with.

An assortment of toppings at a recent build your own pizza night

We have had some tasty creations. Below is a pesto with goat cheese pizza night. These are two personal pizzas that were made.

Making your own pesto is easy and can be used for an assortment of things. The other day for example I was going to make a cold pasta salad. Somehow I forgot every single ingredient when I went food shopping except for the items needed to make the pesto as well as some red peppers. I went to the cupboard, found some Orza pasta and then the freezer and found some chicken breasts I had and quickly made a simple dinner of Pesto Orzo with peppers and grilled chicken. Took me less than 30 mins. No recipe.Mixed the freshly made pesto with the cooked orzo, tossed in the diced peppers, salt to taste and then sliced the grilled chicken breasts and placed on top. Easy.

So here’s the recipe for the non dairy pesto. Personally I like it a lot better than ones I have bought in a store that have Parm in them. Give a try yourself.

Pesto-Non Dairy

1 cup of basil leaves
1 cup of Italian Parsley
3 gloves of garlic
1/2 cup of unsalted cashews
1/4-1/2 cup of olive oil
salt to taste
nutritional yeast to taste (optional)

What you do:

In a food processor put your basil, parsley, garlic and cashews. Add 1/4 a cup of olive oil. Secure lid and process. Add more oil till you get the consistency you like. Season with salt and nutritional yeast and give another whirl and your done.


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