Honey, food and medicine

“Honey is sweet but the bee stings” Proverb
Honey is on my list of things that are necessities for life, even if in the event of a zombie apocalypse. My boys like to tease that usually if they ask how to feel better or make something stop hurting my answer is honey. Second is kombucha.

I use honey on my skin and make my own scrub. Simply and easily but taking honey in a small bowl and mixing organic cornmeal into it to form a paste. Then I wash my face with it. The cornmeal acts like an exfoliate, the honey is a moisturizer and has antibacterial properties. It also tends to work great on acne.

Last year I read in a newsletter by Wise Woman , Susan Weed, about using honey for colds, flu, sore throats and even arthritis. Catch was it was garlic honey. Hmmmm I thought. Well I am willing to try it. So I made a batch. It’s ready in about 2 days. My husband loves to put it on toast just because, my sons both like it too. Who knew. I who was the skeptic for some reason about the taste found I love it too and have reached for it each time I’ve had a tickle in the throat or felt a little icky or someone in the house as. Just a spoonful or so.

Making garlic honey is simple. You can make it in minutes and like I said it will be ready to use in two days.

DO NOT use that junk that claims to be honey that is in most grocery stores. Use real honey. Better yet,find a local apiary and buy some real honey.

Garlic Honey
jar with lid
whole garlic bulbs (organic)- enough to fill your jar
honey – enough to fill the jar

Take your garlic bulbs and break them apart so you have the garlic cloves. Now you can slice the garlic and toss the skins if you want but I didn’t, on Susan Weed’s advice, and just put the cloves , skin and all, into my jar. Pack them in there. Then pour your honey into the jar. Give the jar a tap a few times to release air bubbles and maybe use a chop stick to make sure to really get all the jar fill with the honey. Wipe the rim and put the lid on it.

Really that’s it. Use on toast, in tea or just take a spoonful out of the jar. I’ve just been adding more honey as it gets low to my jar as Susan suggested.

This past week I saw on Facebook a post about lemon honey. A concept so simple and when I broke it quickly down in my mind, perfect for a cold or just to flavor my tea on a cold morning. You can read a little more about the history of this lemon honey on A Little Life. But the concept was the same as the garlic honey. I have to say when I made some I just smiled from how pretty the jar looks.

Lemon Honey

Slice your lemons and pack them into the jar. Pour in honey and tap the jar a few times to get the air bubbles out or use a chop stick to help get the air bubbles out. Wipe the rim and put the lid on.

Again simple. So simple in fact I am looking around trying to think of what other flavors of honey I want to make.

Till next time,
Blessing & love!


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