Friday Favorites-Kitchen Gadgets

I thought I’d move my Friday favorites that I normally do over on my FB page here to my blog.  Just felt like the right thing to do.  As a note, I don’t get anything in return for these post except the joy of sharing things that make my life easier in hopes you will too.

Today I am sharing two gadgets from my kitchen that I love. My garlic press and microplane adjustable grater. I love gadgets that save me time with prep work and are easy to clean.

My garlic press is my favorite because you don’t have to peel your cloves to press them. Just load up with one , press and pull out the empty skin. How easy is that. What I didn’t show in the picture is this come with a little tool for cleaning that stores in the handle. I have not lost it yet so that’s saying something.  Now just because it is called a garlic press doesn’t mean you have to use it just for that, you can use it for ginger as well.

First in the above pictures my grater is missing its slider and food plunger which come in handy when your grating nuts or cloves of garlic.  I admit I use it more without the slider. I use it for grating ginger and it’s great to put out on the table for fresh parm over pasta for my guys.  It’s funny I bought this more as an impulse buy and wasn’t sure I would use it but I can’t live without it. From lemon zest to cheese it’s awesome.   In the picture below you can see the plastic protective cover that comes with it along with the slider. The handle folds in for easy storage and for use in two positions for grating. Love it.   I love that is so easy to clean. That’s huge when you have teenagers that do dishes.

Both of these items are available from Pampered Chef. You can check out their website or better yet visit my friend’s site and order from her, just visit Rima Cooks!

I have a few other Pampered Chef gadgets but I narrowed down to two.  Love to hear what your favorite kitchen gadget is. Leave a comment below.




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